Thursday, June 01, 2023



Long time friends and followers here on the blog know much I loved that first Atsuko Matsuyama's first book Happy Flower Quilts.  Of course when I first bought it, it was just the "pink book" because I had no idea what the name was. I just LOVED the designs and the colors. I could always count on that book to brighten my day when I paged through it.  I have both the original and the English version, of course.  Did I ever make anything from the book? Of course not, but it brought me hours of happiness and that was good enough for me.  

Happy Flower Quilt

I'm sure most of you know by now there's another book out, The Vintage Flower Sampler Quilt book, 
from Zakka Workshop, filled with new Atsuko Matsuyama designs and more happiness.  Of course I preordered it right away.  How could I not?  

Vintage flower sampler quilt

It's filled with projects that are just as cute, fruits and flowers, pillows and purses plus the quilt.  Very much in the 'pink book' style but a larger scale.  The projects are darling, and achievable, lots already posted on instagram under this hashtag.

fruit blocks

There's a fun sew along starting this month with the Sunny Day Supply girls.  You can just watch and enjoy with this hashtag.  The girls are posting great tutorials on how to applique the blocks with the starch method, and you can follow along with them. There's a category on their website that has supplies they use for those new to the sport! 

I'm in love with all the fruity goodness in this book, so I had to quickly make quarter blocks.  I used my favorite fusible, you know I love the machine stitching so much.  

I can't believe it's June already.  While sometimes the days feel long, it seems to me the year is flying by at record speed!  Hope you're all doing well! xop

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