Sunday, May 14, 2023

Dirty Laundy

 Hi friends.  Just finished this cute laundry bag a million years after Frankie asked for it, and couldn't wait to show you.  I ordered this cute laundry fabric from Sunny Day Supply, it's that light weight canvas / oxford cloth that Kokka makes and it's adorable.  The dots are Kokka as well, quilting weight,  they reminded me of a lot of iridescent soap bubbles.  I had some old Urban Chiks houndstooth from way back when that had bubbled up to the surface of my stash and I used that for the lining.  The cute cording and  cord end caps are also from Sunny Day. 


Every cute little detail like those cord caps makes the project cuter and now that I've searched through their website again I realize I could have used so many little cute details that I've got and forgotten about on this project.  Next time I'll think it through better, I hope.  


It's been a long time since I came up with something out of my own head and I'm rusty at it.  But with the exception of the little add ons, it came out as I expected.  Frankie will have her travel laundry bag and I still have enough fabric for something else.  


I love the fabric so much.  How perfect would laundry room curtains be (if I had a window) or maybe a skirt in front of a laundry room sink (if I had one.)   And if I wasn't a lazy ruiner I'd make an ironing board cover! I think I'll be satisfied with a half apron for days when I have no pockets.  I think I can still make that without a pattern, but you can rest assured that I will make a little list of things I want to include!  

I hope you are well.  It's starting to feel like summer here already, we've had a 90 degree day and although it was just one, I know many more are following.  I've enjoyed all our beautiful green hills from the abundant rain of this year.  I don't know if you still visit this blog Chris from New Hampshire but I think of you when the weather turns hot, and of your snowy winters and that one photo of the little path to your front door one year.  Blogging has always been the best. Even when I stay away from this space I think about it, and all the wonderful people I've met through blogging and it's been a blessing.  Really.   Thank you everyone.  xop

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