Thursday, January 19, 2023

Heart Clasp Purse from Zakka Workshop

 Hi friends!  How are you?   Had a somewhat sunny day here in PamKittyVille and it was so nice.  You may have heard California is having some rain!  We're high and dry here, but wow, so much rain.   The sunny day was quite a nice relief!

Today I'm showing off my cute Heart Clasp Purse, made with the Purse Clasp Book from Zakka Workshop.  I was so excited when they reached out and asked me if I'd like to try one.  Zakka Workshop has all the cute peeps sewing with them, and I was totally thrilled to invited!  

ZakkaWorkshop Heart Clasp Purse

I was also a little nervous about it be honest.  I had made a couple of clasp purses, but they were the sew in type, and the glue in seemed, well filled with glue! Like lots of room for error.  What if I messed it up?  Faith, who runs the Zakka Workshop instagram account, put me right at ease, so I said sure.

ZakkaWorkshop Heart Clasp Purse

As you can see it totally worked out!   I think WAY back when I first saw these little purses in the blog years, people were using some kind of fast drying adhesive, I just remember thinking OMG WHAT IF I DON'T GET IT IN THE FRAME RIGHT???  But I just used some Tacky Glue which is very forgiving and the  purse just slides in.  I mean  SLIDES IN.  I was shocked.    

ZakkaWorkshop Heart Clasp Purse

I cannot stress enough how easy it was.   My friend Jenny sent me the cute chain handle and it looks darling! The pattern for this purse includes sewn on handles, but I knew I was going to look for some kind of handle to fit those little loops on the frame, so I omitted them.  Imagine my surprise when I remembered I had something! (wait what? a use for my hoarded items!  shock!)

ZakkaWorkshop Heart Clasp Purse

I can't get over how fast and easy it was.  I made another cute little purse from the book, which comes with 2 frames.  Super cute.  My mother always carried a 'coin purse' like this.     Years ago  blogging friend Elaine sent me a little purse for my mother. People have been so wonderful to me. 



You can order the book and frame here from Zakka  Workshop.  Hope you're all doing well! Thanks for following along!  


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