Monday, September 12, 2022

Cherry Pillow

Hi friends!  In a shocking turn of events, I finally finished my cherry pillow.  I'm afraid to even go back and look to see when I posted this little group of fabrics, and my inspiration piece, because I know it's been a long long time.  I had them all piled up, and moved the pile from place to place but never got around to making it. 

cherry pillow

True confession, cutting up that cute Moda towel was rough, and I think that's what held me back.  I had taken the hems out and pressed it all up, but when it came time to cut... gulp.  

cherry pillow

I thought I might move away from the inspiration pillow, and collected up some fabrics that worked well with the toweling, but in the end I just loved the pillow in the photo.  The fabric choices and layout are just so darling to me.  Good proportions are  everything. 

cherry pillow

Its long and thin and and my stuffing job isn't the greatest, but I love it anyway.  I mean what luck was it to have hoarded that towel for so long!   And now that I've cut into it, it should be a lot easier to use, right?  RIGHT? 

cherry pillow

So are you up to anything fun?  We're coming off a week or so of very hot weather here in PamKittyVille.   Exhausting, even with air conditioning.  Hopefully we're done with the super hot weather, but summer isn't over by a long shot here.  Hope your weather is making you happy and all things are right with you! xop


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