Sunday, August 21, 2022

Zakka Workshop Stylish Sewing Caddy

 Hi friends!  How are you?  Hope you're keeping cool.  Its really a challenge, right?  Thank goodness the sewing room is cool (enough) and I can hang out there.  

This weekend I had everything prepped to work on the Zakka Workshop Stylish Sewing Caddy.  I have  wanted to make a frame bag for quite a while so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Kristyne from Pretty By Hand designed and wrote the pattern so I knew I'd be able to follow along.  And friends, it's surprisingly easy.  Like I was shocked by how easy it was. 


I really challenged myself with selecting some directional fabric, and I think that was the hardest part of the whole project.  True confession: I did have to re-cut the end pieces but the rest went ok.  It's really straightforward cutting  and piecing.  

zakka art-sewing caddy

I can't get over how professional the results are.  Look how nice and boxy that is.  I'm so impressed with how it turned out.  Its nice and firm, and holds its shape perfectly.  I haven't made a bag with this type of zipper installation, so that was fun.  I do have a tip, and that is sew one side  following the instructions then mark the zipper where the sides meet the body... I kind of like you do (or at least I do) when I sewing rows together with sashing, so all the sashing lines up.  Does that make sense?  

zakka art-sewing caddy

You can see in the picture below my two sides don't quite match up, where it folds over, not  a problem, but I think I maybe pulled a little when working on the second side of the zipper.   It doesn't really show and I'm not worried about it, but it's a little tip.  

zakka art-sewing caddy

I did crack up, at first I was kind of disappointed,  my ends weren't that great, but Kristyne mentions that you need to let it sit a bit to learn it's shape and  later when I came back and dorked around with the ends a bit they laid down quite nicely, even after opening and closing .  I was a little afraid because the ends did not look good at first.  Don't be discouraged!

zakka art-sewing caddy

Look at the interior, it's huge!!!  I think it would make a great makeup bag as well, you could easily customize the inside with pockets. Could be a lunch bag, you could make one in more masculine fabrics as a dopp bag for men. 

zakka art-sewing caddy

Glamor shots, because I love how this bag turned out.  

zakka art-sewing caddy

zakka art-sewing caddy

I really enjoyed making this bag and totally would make it again.  The frame  insertion, piece of cake.  Even  top stitching the little casing line of stitching was easy.   If you needs inspiration go check out the #stylishsewingcaddy hashtag, lots of wonderful bags and much better photography there.  You can order the pattern with the zipper and frame from Zakka Workshop.  

That's it sewing friends!  I'm already thinking about what to work on next!  See ya later. xop


Blogger Little Quiltsong said...

Beautiful bag, Pam! Love, love the fabric you used. I miss those fabrics. The bag would be perfect for a lunch or just every day bag - love the look of it.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Deb Silva said...

That bag is too cute. I have never made a bag before, but would consider making this one.

7:41 AM  

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