Wednesday, February 03, 2021


Hi there friends!  How are you?   Keeping busy?  I haven't really been up to much lately.  I'm not making an active effort to settle down and focus on much of anything.  The weather has been gloomy and we've been settling into a little cozy lazy spell here, reading, watching tv, chit chatting with friends via DMs on Instagram.  Not beating myself up over it though.  

Yesterday I switched out my old ironing board cover.  It was so cute but had become, like so many covers before it, a gross scorched version of itself, and I had to get rid of it. I really hoped this new one  would brighten up the space and cheer me onto making stuff. (p.s. that's just starch overspray on my iron, not dust.. although maybe a little dust.)


Frankie has been asking (bugging) me for another apron for a while.  Like for months. I had made the Fat Quarter Shop Pockets and Pies apron years ago, (you can see my apron here) and she loves it and wanted another.  Pockets for your cell phone when you bop around the house to music and a towel to wipe your hands on.  Genius.  And people it's a half hour make. Anyway just our good fortune Fat Quarter Shop came out with an update to their free pattern and it encouraged me to get busy. 

Pockets and Pies apron

Lucky I found this oyster white towel because I had the perfect Hello Kitty fabric waiting for something like this. I made it just like the pattern with the exception of the tab with the D ring so she can hook her keys to it when she goes out with the trash.  

Pockets and Pies apron

I also managed to get started FINALLY cutting out the fabric for a Little Camellia Pouch from Little Mint Designs.  I saw plenty of cute photos of the pattern samples and I had ordered the cute Kokka fabric from Sunny Day Supply. so it was perfect timing.  It's rather an eclectic mix of fabrics that I hope works.  The white tossed alphabet will be the lining, the animal fabric is called Message for You and I liked the idea of that combined with letters. 

There are also stickers that coordinate with this line of fabric, little messages to put on the notes the animals are holding, can't wait to see how that works! Anyway my pieces are all cut, just need to get my stabilizer ready and get sewing.  

That's what's up here in Pamkittyville.  We are headed into a few days of nice weather in the 60s with sunshine, and I am happy for that.  Even though the ground hog said 6 more weeks we'll have a bit of a respite.  Hope you are well. xop


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