Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Hello, Kitty.

Hi there friends!  Now that all the hubub is over I can show you my favorite Christmas project.  I had been promising Frankie I'd make her an iPad case and I FINALLY DID IT.  Cue the confetti!  After I finished it I wondered why I had waited so long.  Actually I didn't really wonder, it was that foam interfacing..that's why.  I ended up using  Soft and Stable by Annie.  The pattern, which is the Busy Day Tablet Case by Melissa at PolkaDotChair, has great instructions and illustrations and it's really easy.   It calls for fusible foam, but Soft and Stable isn't fusible, so I used my Fast Fuse and it worked perfectly.  My Sanrio fabric came from Sunny Day Supply, but its' sold out.  You can still find it on etsy I think.  


Anyway, I was worried about foam and that binding but it really was a non-issue. FYI those edges all line up, in spite of what the photo is telling you.  The binding went on so easily.  I had this binding left over and it was 2 1/4" and I was worried it wouldn't go around the foam but it worked easily.  Thank goodness as I'm out of (or can't find) that fabric.  This is a great starting point for sewing with foam. 


Another thing I thought might be a challenge was the zipper pocket.  My end there isn't great, my zipper is slightly too small but it seems like no big deal.  I wouldn't bother showing you a close up if it wasn't for that strawberry pull next to that strawberry!  Now that I have put a zipper like this in, I'll know how to adjust the size of the cut out for a better fit.  And,I don't think it takes away from the rest of the case at all.  And if it does, don't tell me.  


I love the pocket lining, cute little strawberries from Minki Kim's Moments line for Riley Blake. These little details are what makes sewing fun for me.  


The lining is also from the Moments line, it's such cute fabric and I have it in the blue as well, I was a hard choice which to use.  But there are always other projects to make right?  Did you see that Minki has a cute free pattern on you tube?  Adorable little fabric box, and the assembly is to clever and easy.  I will try one of those soon.  


The final touch was the cute button snap also from Sunny Day Supply.  They are also sold out but I'll be honest they're pretty tight snaps so I'm on the fence about them.  They're cute though, and nice for a tablet because there's no chance of scratching the table screen with them.  

Anyway it was a blast to make and I was wishing that I had another one to work on.  But I recently bought a cute bag pattern from Little Mint Designs. Waiting on my zipper order to get started on those.  I am enjoying smaller projects right now, are you working on something?

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the holiday season.  I'm looking forward to the new year and hope it brings good health and happiness to all of us.  xop

Monday, December 28, 2020

Stomping around

 Hi there friends!  Today is the first day of the Stomping Ground sew along Pat Sloan is hosting.  The pattern is by Wendy Sheppard and you can find it on etsy here. 


It's a darling  pattern, and the etsy listing shows several different color variations for it.  I thought it was super cute.  Pat asked me to sew along and I said I'd make an elephant or two to get the word out.  Not that Pat needs me to get the word out, but she knew I needed some encouragement to get back to my sewing machine.  But then I had what I though was an clever idea.  Why not make some Circus Animal elephant blocks.  I crack myself up sometimes.  


Do you have these pink and white sprinkled cookies where you are?  Mother's is a local brand here in the bay area.  (and those Mother's English Tea Cookies are wonderful.)   Admittedly I hadn't had a circus animal cookie in years and OMG THEY'RE SWEET.  


I had grand dreams of making a stop action IG post like so many people do, with cookies marching across the screen to the tune of baby elephant walk, but like a lot of ideas like that,  well they turn into something more like this. It's winter here and the lighting looks like I am posting from a dark castle where I am being held hostage by an evil Quilt Queen.  Or possibly a witch.  Who knows.  Does it even matter? The blocks are cute and happy, take my word for it! 

I hope you had a nice holiday and have a couple of days to relax.  Hope you are well friends. xop

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays

 Hi there friends.  Just want to pop on and wish you the very best for this holiday season.  It's been a rough year for all of us but hopefully better days are upon us.  I'm grateful for your friendship especially this year, but for all the years we've met here.  My life is richer for it. xop


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