Wednesday, October 07, 2020

It's that time of year.

 Hi friends! Thanks for all the comments on the Morrison Park post.  If you haven't entered, go back one post and leave a comment. I'll be picking a winner later in the week. 

Here in PamKittyVille it's been hot hot hot, only cooling down a smidge today.  It sure makes it hard to get into the whole fall sweater weather thing everyone has going.  I am not sure we'll be in  sweater weather until next month!   


Saw that fellow the other day.  Headed over to my favorite picture taking spot. Because I had Bret to help me, I was able to get a better full quilt shot.  I am pretty sure it's been just over a year since I started this quilt .  It was done for some time, but I put off having it quilted.  The quilt is by Margo at the Pattern Basket and it's called Boo!  So super cute.  I used the pastel solids because Frankie loves the pastel Halloween style.  The background and backing is the Riley Black black dot on white and the eyes and binding are their smallest black gingham on white.  I think it turned out cute and Frankie is quite happy about it.  


My fence least the quilt obscures the dry grassy background.   We won't see green fields for quite a while, and only then if it's a wet winter.  (crossing my fingers for a rainy season)


The quilt was quilted by Darla from Wildflower Quilting.  She does a great job and I was lucky to get onto her schedule in time to get this back for October.  She's local to me so I dropped it off and picked it up social distance style!!  


It was very fun to sew, Margot's pattern was easy to follow and I admire all her clever design work.  The piecing isn't hard if you follow the instructions carefully.  I like that  her designs are full of cute details.  
Hope you are well friends! I'll be back later in the week to pick and announce the winner of Pat's prize.  I hope you take a moment to go check out the post and leave a comment!  xop 

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