Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Shelter In Place Morning

Good morning friends, how are you? I'm up drinking coffee as usual.  Curious of your daily routines and how things are going for you.  Here in California and I know  so far in NY and IL, there are mandatory shelter in place rules.  Are you doing ok? I sure hope so. 

Our schedule is more relaxed these days, which is fine.  About three quarters of the time I get up at my normal time and then the oddball days I sleep in.  Weird, I always feel like I've wasted a chunk of the day even though I would have just been watching the news.
I haven't done a ton of sewing, I just can't seem to concentrate but hopefully this week will be better.  I went to the grocery store on Saturday and there was more on the shelf than I have seen in a couple of weeks, so I feel a little better about being able to feed Bret and acquire groceries for my mother-in-law.  Miss seeing Frankie, seems like she just got here and now we're quarantined from her, but it makes sense to keep the distance so we have another person who can find things for us if we need it. 
I hope you are all well and keeping a safe social distance from friends and neighbors. I'm hoping we can  keep the pace of the virus slowed with our efforts.  Love you guys. xop 


Blogger Shasta Matova said...

It is good to know that the shelves are better now. It is hard to concentrate on sewing when there are so many worries. We will all get through it. I am glad you are keeping at a safe social distance.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Julierose said...

Here in CT we are supposed to shelter in place, too. Just out for "non-existent" groceries and meds. Things are pretty scarce...Too many are not doing social we may be in for the long haul hopefully not...
Hugs, from afar Julierose

9:33 AM  
Blogger Dolly said...

Hi.......I like checking your daily updates.....I feel like I have another companion in this.
It was interesting to read that you haven't been sewing much. Same here, and I can't explain why. But, for me, staying at home alot AND sewing was the norm for me, and somehow my mojo just knows that THIS is not the norm !

Anyway, stay well, and keep us updated if you feel like it. I too feel guilty when tempted into spending an extra half to one hour in bed of a morning !

1:55 PM  
Blogger Anorina @SameliasMum said...

These are certainly strange times we're living in. I'm pleased you were able to get your groceries ok. Here in Australia, the government has today imposed closures of clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas etc to try to help in flattening that curve.

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on sewing (or much else) at the moment too. My kids will be at home from school, starting tomorrow, so i'm sure i'll be helping to keep them on track with school work. Take care xx

9:29 PM  
Blogger Cindy Quilts said...

I live in Illinois. My husband is a farmer and I retired in August. We are homebodies by nature so we haven't been out and about much anyway. We did venture out get groceries and gas yesterday. The paper aisle was pretty empty and there were empty spots of certain brand name products, but I was able to get everything on my list. We generally keep well stocked since we don't go to the store every week. There seemed to be the normal number of people out for early Sunday morning, which is when we usually shop. I am trying to make non-surgical masks, but keep seeing such conflicting information about which materials are the best to use and who wants them, then doesn't want them. I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy once I get some masks made! Hope you are able to stay safe and comfortable as we get through this situation.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Hi Pam! Haven't been tuned into you much this past year - busy with grandkids and not sewing much but with the recent changes my responsibilities have actually lightened up! At first I was freaked out as we are sheltering in place out of health and age here in Oklahoma but today I woke up and thought I need to check out some of my favorite blogs, so there you go ... You are my first "look-see" because I know you have bright and cheerful colors and cute ideas! Take good care of yourselves and keep up the wonderful work1

1:50 PM  

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