Thursday, October 22, 2020


Hi there friends!  How are you?  I know some of your are having delicious fall weather (I'm talking about you Sigi.@LittleQuiltSong) , but here in PamKittyVille it's still warm.  We do have leaves falling off our fruitless mulberry, but those will continue to fall well into next year.  Our windows are still open at night and soon it will be 70s and 80s everyday well into November I'm sure.  Not a complaint, that's for sure.  Cool weather is so nice after a long hot summer.

A year or probably more ago I finished this small quilt top.  I am not even sure I posted this on Instagram, or here on the blog... but it was on a pile of small projects.  I fell in love with the quilt on the cover of Sheri's October Make it Mini quilt and pulled together some fabrics to make it.  


I broke from the pattern by adding some of my hoarded Lakehouse Sunrise Studios scallops on the border.  My corner execution is pretty bad, and I think that turned me off of finishing it, kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't pursue a more accurate finish.  I layered it and basted with the Quilter's Select Free Fuse that I've talked about before, I love that stuff.  It was still nice and basted when I picked it up again the other day.  (not sponsored I just love it)  I had set it aside at least a year ago.  One of a few small projects that was easy to pick up and finish when I had the urge to sew but didn't know what to make. 


Anyway I'll be ready when Valentine's Day comes around because I think it's a cute finish.  Sheri's patterns are nice to sew with and I enjoyed making it.  I'm not sure my dotty version is even close to as cute as her original, but its done and ready to go.  I would definitely make it again. 


Valentine's Day has some of the cutest decorations around, and I'm always happy to see the candies and cards and all the hearts pop up in stores after what seems like an endless Christmas decoration season.  I'm already seeing Christmas on IG and it's killing me. Valentine's Day is the OG palate cleanser of holidays in my (grouchy old lady) mind.  Plus who doesn't love pink and red and all those cute Valentines?  

So many of you are making things I want to tell you how much I enjoy seeing all your  projects on Instagram.  I don't always feel like sewing lately so your quilts and other projects are great to see and be inspired by.  There are other wonderful things I see, fall leaves, kids, gardens, it's all great.  I hope you're all well, staying safe and healthy!!! xop

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Winner Winner

Was 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' a saying that you about forever?  I have to confess I had never heard it before blogging but it cracks me up each time I hear it.  (and also makes me want some kind of delicious old fashioned Sunday night chicken dinner.)  I looked it up and it originates, according to the internets, (so we know it's true!!!) from the Las Vegas Strip.  Weird! 

Anyway WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER FRIENDS!  Any excuse to use a picture of my kitchen chicken here.   I felt so clever when I thought about taking this picture.  That's what passes for entertainment these days here in PamKittyVille.

Pat Sloan MorrisonPark

I had so many nice comments on my Morrison Park blog post, it was fun to see how many of you regularly watch Pat.  She's a positive force out in the world, I admire her attitude during her broken wrist  recovery.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to must that kind of positive outlook. 

Anyway you're not here for my Pamdemic Ramblings so I'll get to it.  The winner of the Morrison Park giveaway is Lana Stewart who said " I love all things Pam Kitty Morning including your Morrison Park table topper! Beautiful."

Lana, email me your address at and your gift from Pat and Benartex will make it's way to you.  

Thanks everyone who stopped by and entered for a chance to win! 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

It's that time of year.

 Hi friends! Thanks for all the comments on the Morrison Park post.  If you haven't entered, go back one post and leave a comment. I'll be picking a winner later in the week. 

Here in PamKittyVille it's been hot hot hot, only cooling down a smidge today.  It sure makes it hard to get into the whole fall sweater weather thing everyone has going.  I am not sure we'll be in  sweater weather until next month!   


Saw that fellow the other day.  Headed over to my favorite picture taking spot. Because I had Bret to help me, I was able to get a better full quilt shot.  I am pretty sure it's been just over a year since I started this quilt .  It was done for some time, but I put off having it quilted.  The quilt is by Margo at the Pattern Basket and it's called Boo!  So super cute.  I used the pastel solids because Frankie loves the pastel Halloween style.  The background and backing is the Riley Black black dot on white and the eyes and binding are their smallest black gingham on white.  I think it turned out cute and Frankie is quite happy about it.  


My fence least the quilt obscures the dry grassy background.   We won't see green fields for quite a while, and only then if it's a wet winter.  (crossing my fingers for a rainy season)


The quilt was quilted by Darla from Wildflower Quilting.  She does a great job and I was lucky to get onto her schedule in time to get this back for October.  She's local to me so I dropped it off and picked it up social distance style!!  


It was very fun to sew, Margot's pattern was easy to follow and I admire all her clever design work.  The piecing isn't hard if you follow the instructions carefully.  I like that  her designs are full of cute details.  
Hope you are well friends! I'll be back later in the week to pick and announce the winner of Pat's prize.  I hope you take a moment to go check out the post and leave a comment!  xop 

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Pat Sloan's Morrison Park Tour

Good morning friends! Today is my day on the Morrison Park fabric tour.  I was so exited when Pat asked me to sew along with her and a talented group of  friends online. 


You may remember when I posted this photo on Instagram, way back in June.  Morrison Park is such a nice collection of prints, and the colors are so vibrant. 


I took that pretty pile and turned it into this.  You may have noticed that the blue and green combos are very popular, have you seen Andy's pretty quilt?  I love it! Laura also had a wonderful quilt featuring all the prints and used a solid for a background, be sure and hop over and check out her post. 

Pat Sloan MorrisonPark

I wanted to make something to using my Quiltmaker 100 Ties and Necklaces block from Volume 15 stitch up this 4 block quilt that's the perfect size for my dining room table.  We're here in the hot hot days of Indian summer so the blues and greens are so nice and cool.  (shh don't tell anyone I have leftovers to add to my stash!) 

Pat Sloan MorrisonPark

Pat , Benartex and Aurifil have supplied some gifts for us, so if the winner is in the US there's a lovely layer cake and a Fat Quarterly magazine along with those cute Tropical Breeze charms.  

pat sloan morrison park tour giveway US

If the winner is outside the US there's a Perfect Little Box of Neutrals threads from Aurifil.  We all know how wonderful that thread is. 


So leave a comment friends and I'll pick a winner on October 10th!  

There's plenty of places to leave an entry, here's a list of all the participants.  You probably already are familiar with them, but maybe you'll find an inspiring new friend! 

Pat Sloan's Morrison Park Tour
September 28 - Cheryl Bricky Meadow Mist Designs
September 29 - Laura Pilan Slice of Pi Quilts
September 30 - Andy Knowlton A Bright Corner
October 1 - Amy Ellis Amy's Creative Side
October 2 - Yvonne Fuchs Quilting Jetgirl
October 3 - Pam Vieira-McGinnis Pam Kitty Morning
October 4 - Jen Shaffer Patterns by Jen
October 5 - Heather Valentine The Sewing Loft
October 6 - Annie Unrein By Annie
October 7 - Melissa Corry Happy Quilting Melissa
October 8 - Karen Pratt Cream Craft Goods
October 9 - Jane Davidson Quilt Jane
October 10 - Wendy Sheppard Ivory Springs
October 11 - Pat Sloan

Ok, that's all for me today friends. Leave a comment, and tell me if you follow Pat and any of these wonderful makers.  

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