Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Cross that off my list!

How are you doing friends?  I know at this point I'm talking to myself, here in print, and in real life!  We are doing fine here in PamKittyVille, the weather is nice and we're getting a few items ticked off the list.  Restrictions are lifting bit by bit, nurseries are now open, so we took a little trip to Alden Lane Nursery They're just open a few days a week with limited hours and limited people. The first week it looked mobbed, long lines to get in, but by the second week it  calmed down so we went in and grabbed some flowers and supplies.  Nice that it's outdoors and very few people. I appreciate all the care that our local shops are taking to insure their employees and customers are safe. I see a lot of people on IG out and about, how are things in your area? Are you out and about? 

In the mean time back in April I posted an IG picture of a cute x-stitch block I made from a tutorial from Heidi over on her Fabric Mutt blog.  You should definitely check it out, you can find it here.  I really like that shape of it, and the size, it's a 2 inch finished block.  I made quite a few testing it, and the one thing that I didn't like about how my blocks turned out, was the way the corners looked.  Not all of my corners  landed in the center of the "x" and it really bugged me.  I tossed all my crappy blocks and moved on...but then Kristen posted her blocks on Instagram and hers all looked so good, so I was back on track to make some more. Do you follow Kristen and Heidi?  


Anyway I decided to order a 2 1/2" ruler.  Of course I didn't have one.  I could have made a plastic template or even a paper template but this just seemed way easier. And safer for me to trim my blocks with to be honest. And right away today I have the results I wanted.  Those points are right in the center of those pink "x"s and I'm thrilled with it.  Now I actually might make that adorable pillow.  

That's a long story about ordering a ruler.  Sorry.  That's how things are in a pandemic. Sometimes I'm excited about a little block and just have to share it. What are you excited about these days! 

Hope you're well !!!  I'll see you on Instagram!

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