Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Hi there friends! How is 2020 going so far? It's offered us some challenges but nothing we can't face.  Can you believe we're already in February?  Before you know it I'll be complaining about the summer heat right?  I'm thinking of all you in the snow and sending your pretty primrose greetings from the temperate climates here in Northern California. 


They're the prettiest harbinger's of spring popping up in nurseries in January around here. After Christmas and all it's winter themes I'm ready for them.  It won't be really spring here for  a while, but these beauties can stand our frosty mornings.  Monday morning it was 30 degrees when I got up!!! Kid stuff I know for all you snowbound people but definitely cold for here in PamKittyVille.

Atkinson designs playing hearts

I've been in my sewing room more lately, even doing things, not just sitting there and looking at all my things. (chaos) Terry of Atkinson Designs came out with a new pattern called Let's Play Hearts, and it's so cute, fast and fun, I couldn't resist it. It's clever, the thing that takes the time is picking fabrics and deciding which order to put them in! I used my Quilter's Select Free Fuse which I love so much.  I really hope you give it a try.  This isn't sponsored content, I just REALLY LOVE IT. 

Atkinson Designs Playing Hearts

The other thing I did over a few days was cut some hearts.  I've been inspired by so many cute heart projects on Instagram, particularly those by Helen Philipps, I ordered a die from Accuquilt to cut a bunch out because die cutting is soooo easy.  I used the Quilter's Select Appli-Web Plus on my fabric so when ever I get around to getting started I can fuse them on background fabrics and blanket stitch them up.

accuquilt heart die

I went through my big box of jumbled scraps and sorted them out, coming up with this selection, lots of scraps from my first line of fabric PamKittyMorning in that box. It was fun to go through and pick out pink, red and blue fabrics. I had enough smaller pieces to cut tiny hearts too, and I have those packaged up for some future project, who knows  It was fun and I couldn't stop cutting.  I like this particular die, it has symmetrical hearts, plus that folky looking heart as well.  

accuquilt heart die

Monday was definitely a happy mail day around here.  I received my quilts back from Amy of Big City Quilting. Amy and I have been friends since way back in the beginning of the blog days, her blog Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts was always so inspiring.  I have been such a huge fan of Amy for years, and was thrilled to have her quilt my quilts.  


I had three quilts quilted, and I can't wait to show more when I have the binding on them.  I just stitched the binding on  the Jelly Roll Railway quilt  today, and can't wait to do the handwork and show it off.  This photo doesn't do any of them justice, but most particularly this one at the bottom, which is so vibrant and cheery. 

Patchwork Gifts

Also made a few of these, which you already know if you follow me on Instagram.  I'm loving the Elise's new book, Patchwork Gifts, Tuva Publishing sent me a copy and I'm excited to be participating in her book tour.  Her book is available March 1st. 

So that's a big big catch up from me.  What's going on with you?  Hope you are well! 

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