Friday, June 15, 2018


Morning... or is it afternoon in your world!  It was so great catching up with you earlier this week.  I loved your comments, Chris knows I always think of her when it comes to complaining about weather! Little Quiltsong  is working away in her garden and sewing up projects like crazy, Annelies is back in Tennessee so probably living it up but missing sewing just a bit.  And it's always nice to catch up with Suzanne. She's started a new blog and you should check it out. Coffee with friends, that's always how I have though about this blog. 
Of course most of you probably knew I'd be making another strawberry with a ribbon ASAP!  I couldn't help myself.  It's tempting to make a whole series of fruit coasters, lemons would be so cute.  I can see Suzanne making them and tying them onto gifts of coordinating beverages.  I also felt like you could increase the size for a cute potholder. 

I was on a happy sewing day so I pulled out my slotted trimmer and got to busy on half square triangles.  I'm not the best piecer when it comes to triangles and this set of slotted trimmers really helps me out.  

The Moda Blockheads 2 sew along started, they're on week 2 already.  The piles of orphan blocks around here is huge but I couldn't resist the Me and My Sister's post about their block.  It looked quick and fun, and it was!

I wasn't sure I'd even consider making more blocks, but then I was so happy sewing I had to make the first block.  A bit more of a challenge.  Not the best matching when it came to those green units and the squares they butt up to but I'm cool with it.  There are so many great quilts out there, check out the hashtag here.

Sewing is my happy place, and I am looking forward to getting back at it.  I don't mind sewing for the sheer fun of it, if I don't make another block or use these blocks I'm ok with it, they've already done their job. No matter how long I step away from the sewing  I always find my way back.
Happy weekend friends! I hope you're in a happy place!  I'm off on an adventure next week, so I'll catch up with you later! xop

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Hi there friends! What are you up to?  Summer is heating up and I'm trying not to complain too much.  It's going to be a challenge though. Just a warning!
 I've been trying to get to some sewing lately.  I'm working on a little blanket stitching for a project I hope to share soon.  I had a bit of a false start with it, and ended up wadding it all up and throwing it in the trash, but yesterday I started up again and it seems to be working out a lot better.  Crossing my fingers I didn't just jinx myself.  The sewing gods have not been kind to me lately. 


Did you see Nadra's cute strawberry coaster tutorial over on Amy's blog?  So cute I had to make one asap.  I forgot to add the little ribbon top in my excitement, but I'll make more of these they're adorable and perfect to catch all the condensation on my cold summer beverages!


I had a sew day with my friends "The Debbies" and it was awesome.  Debbie finished her basket quilt and it's wonderful! It was great to see Deb and Debbie after such a long period of time. 


You may have seen that I had a pretty pile of PamKitty fabrics on my cutting table recently.  Or maybe not that recently. I've finally cut them into a kit for  Nadra's charming Butterfly Dance quilt.


My mom was so happy that her little patio was a spot that butterflies visited on their migration path and often talked about them.  This quilt reminded me of how the would flit around her tulip tree so it seemed the perfect quilt to work on right now.  I'm channeling Elizabeth in cutting myself a little kit. Now I'm ready to sit down and get busy!
I hope you are well ! I'd love to hear from you!  xop

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