Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Getting busy

Hi there friends! How are  you?  I've been busy lately with things that take me outside of the sewing room.  BUT I haven't stopped stealing moments when I can to work on fun projects.  I think having a little less time to spend helps you appreciate your time more, at least it does for me. 

TableRunner Bliss
Here are my cute choices for the Tablerunner Bliss quilt  along.  I fell in love with that cute yellow dog print from the 30's Playtime by Chloe's Closet for Moda.  Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for letting me chose my fabrics to sew a long with them!

TableRunner Bliss
If you follow me on Instagram you'll see I've already cut into these pretty fabrics and am well on my way to finish my Buttercup tablerunner.  I love thirties reproduction fabrics and that sweet pup is checking all my fabric boxes on a project like this.  Blue, red, green and yellow!  PamKitty colors!  They make me happy!
Be well friends!!! Tell me what's new with you! xop

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tablerunner Bliss

Morning friends!  How was your weekend?  It was nice and not scorching hot here, so I loved it.  All that fresh air coming it changes my whole mood.

Also changing my mood, fresh new projects to work on! Fat Quarter Shop sent me a copy of Sherri Fall's new Tablerunner Bliss book and isn't it the cutest!  I love Sherri's designs, so cute and clever.   And isn't a tablerunner the perfect sized project?  It's like the equivalent of a snack... something small and fun and won't get in the way of your bigger project. 

TableRuner Bliss
To me they're also the perfect size to make seasonal, or novelty, or to explore color combinations you don't normally work in.  Or just to sew and have fun! Stitch one up as a gift! All those things. 

TableRuner Bliss
I've already cut myself a kit for the table runner.  No point in waiting right?
Ok, get busy and have a great week! xop

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Sew Day

Morning Pals!  I've been busy being energetic the past few days.   We had one coolish day and OMG LIFE FELT LIKE IT WAS WORTH LIVING.  Ok, sure, that's a bit over dramatic but the summer is slowly sucking my life force with the hot weather. Thanks goodness I don't live in the hard core desert.   You'd have to give me up because I would be a complaint machine.
Anyway!  I managed to organize some stuff and assemble some backings and actually clean up a bit in my cutting room aka Frankie's room.  Yesterday I  thought about my little project with the Spelling Bee book and got busy cutting and stitching up the letters.  Lets just say  lack of sleep in the late afternoon made some really simple cutting and sewing a challenge.  But I persevered and it's so cute.

Spelling Bee
I'm going to make this into a PILLOW! What a surprise right? I think it would be cute on Frankie's sofa, and she's my favorite cutie so why not.  And unlike her mother, she actually uses her pillows so it won't go into a vault like it would here.
Love this book, it's got so many really adorable projects and of course all the little pictures to go with the letters.  Clever.   Lori sure knows how to cute things up!
Alrighty! Today is sewing group! Have a good day! xop

Friday, August 04, 2017

A Friday Finish!

Morning friends!   I have finally finished my Flower Power  blocks and have sewn them together.  The solution was easy once I got over my own over thinking, I just threw on the borders required to turn these blocks into a square and called it a day. 

Flower Power
I don't know why I want to make things more complicated.  I still like the way it turned out, and although it's not quite the same proportions, which were so perfect, close enough.   Now comes the debate.. do I have the attention span to do that narrow almost match stick quilting as in the original design.  OR, does it end up in the pile of unquilted objects? Only time will tell! Sometimes I make something just for the heck of it.  I love piecing.  
Today I'm paging through my Spelling Bee Book, I have an idea for a project using those cute letters.  Stay tuned!
Happy Weekend! xo

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Warning: This post may contain complaints.

Morning peeps! We've had a lot of hot hot days here.  I know it's *just* 100 but it feels so much hotter.  
Ok, I ranted, then deleted it all and now we're back in blog business.  I've wanted to get a nice photo of my Jelly Roll Railway quilt for a while, so Monday I took it out for a car ride.  I really love people show their quilts off on beautiful fencing, green rolling fields behind them, maybe even a horse strolling by. 
JellyRoll Railroad
This is California,  too hot and mostly brown, and way too sunny.  So you're stuck with pictures that are like the one above, half bleached by the sun and half in dark shade.

JellyRoll Railroad
This one looks like I had it rolled up in a ball in the trunk of my car.. oh well, this is how life is sometimes.  I really loved making this quilt, even though I didn't use a Jelly Roll.  You could go through your stash like I did and make your own Jelly Roll.  Make two, one for a friend, then invite them  for a sewing date and have some fun.  Wouldn't everyone like that?   Bring snacks!  
I hope you're keeping cool where ever you are.   I'm grateful for your friendship and AIR CONDITIONING! xop

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