Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Monday

Greetings.. did you survive the weekend?  It was a scorcher here, Bret's car told him it was 109 on the way home from some errands yesterday. Rude.

Livermore is quite the wine lover's paradise, and there are large and small vineyards everywhere, this one in front of my (not-so) secret Starbucks parking lot.  I have been watching these grapes mature and actually stepped out and grabbed one to taste.  Sooo sweet.  The grapes love the sun.
So what all did you do this past weekend?  Just a lot of organizing around here.  I'm trying to get a bit of control on my sewing table.  I have a lot of in progress things with little cut pieces just waiting to get mixed up with other things.  In the meantime I have a lot of fun ideas of new things to make.  So I need to get a move on. 
Any big plans this week?  I hope to keep cool, get things put away, and then concentrated on putting my Snapshots rows together.  I notice Sherri was smart and already has her rows together. I know I'll feel more in control of things if I can do this too.  Unless I get sidetracked, which always happens.  Who knows.  Whatever I do it will be inside.. till the end of the week when it cools down a bit.
Ok, that's my update! Happy week, keep cool! xo


Blogger Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Pam, it is always good to organize...something I am working on this week. Stay cool! Tis a warm one over the hill here, too. Cooler temps this week, even 90's, sound better than triple digits!

Have a great week.

6:48 AM  
Blogger mascanlon said...

Even though we are closer to the beach than Livermore it's been hot, hot and hotter too! Only left the house to head out to eat dinner, to hot to cook. And my sewing room is in the same shape I think. The table is such a mess I need to fix it this week for sure. So I can then make a big mess again pulling fabrics for Quilt in the Garden classes next month! I am so excited. You'll need to tell me where the secret Starbucks in please!

6:54 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

It's been so hot here too...and no relief in sight...115 yesterday...ugh!!!

At least it's cool (kind of) in my sewing room!

2:59 PM  

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