Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Friday!

Good morning! Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!  I've been slow catching up after market.  I came home happy but tired, so Wednesday I spent the day  just trying to get some things put away and getting organized.  And why lie, a lot of time catching up with TV!  As fun as market is, it's a whirlwind compared to my real life so by the time I get home I just need to have some coffee and relax for a day.  Thankfully real life isn't as demanding as it used to be, so I had the time. 
More on market later... I had some super happy mail waiting for me.  As you know I participated in the Little Quilts Book  Swap,  and I happily sent my little quilt off to my secret partner Amy! If you didn't see the quilt, you can click over here to Amy's .. can you believe I forgot to snap a photo of the finished quilt? 

Little Quilt Swap

I've been following along patiently waiting to see which quilt would show up at my door.  I had my suspicions when I saw the snippets of the quilt on Sarah's instagram feed but I didn't want to count my chickens before they hatched. You can only imagine my delight when I opened the big puffy envelope to reveal this quilt.  I love the little Hello Kitty peeking out, as well as the Miss Pam along the top!  Of course nothing pleases me more than to have a mini quilt made by the ever so famous Sarah Fielke!!!  

Little Quilts Swap 2
The envelope was packed chock full of delightful surprises and I'm enjoying each and every one of them!  Sarah, the quilt is absolute perfection and the treats are so super fun, thank you for all of it! But mostly, thanks for your friendship and for including me in your Little Quilts Book Swap!  I feel like I've won the lotto!!!
Ok people have a happy and safe Halloween!  See you next week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hi there, how are you guys?  We were rudely interrupted by a pre-market cold which I didn't appreciate one bit.  But good news is, it's just about gone.  It hit the whole family and for a few overlapping days  it sounded pretty bad around here.  Lots of coughing.  There's still a lot of coughing but the worse is over.  Phew.  That was close.

Next up, packing. Making a list, checking it twice.  That kind of thing.  I'm so excited about seeing everyone!  If you're coming to Quilt Market I hope you'll stop by and see what's new at the LakeHouse booth #704.  Holly is presenting at School House Friday  at 11:15 - 11:45 Room #371 D&E.  Hope you'll stop in for that. There's plenty of new Sunrise Studio coming, those scallops are killing me!!! 

Scallop Magic samples3LR
Here's a totally cute quilt designed by Holly using  Pam Kitty Garden and the aqua Scallops from Sunrise Studio.  We're going to be sharing a lot about using the scallop fabric after market, so stay tuned for that.  There's lots more colors of those scallops coming! 
Well I'm sure there is more.. and I'll let you know as soon as I remember it.  Be sure and check in with me on Instagram  for those more impromptu shots. But don't worry, I have my camera!  The hardest part is trying to remember to use it!  Of course now days there's plenty of photos everywhere so less pressure to get all the news.. you'll have it all before I do I'm sure!
Ok, see you later alligators ! xo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Makin' it Cute!

Hi there! Today I'm makin' some cute stuff here with my super fun friends Barb and Mary and Fat Quarter Shop!   They've got some new Makin' it Cute templates, hearts and butterflies. I couldn't resist those hearts, especially the scalloped ones! 

Makin' it Cute

PINK!  I love pink and so I gathered up some pretty pinks to get started.  Last time I made flowers with the first set of Makin' it Cute templates, I found that free motion stitching worked the best for me, and I found that again, especially going around those little scallops!  It's a great way to practice your skills too!

Makin' it Cute
I knew first thing I was going to gussy up my apron from  the Modern Prairie Sewing  blog hop.  I put it on and pinned it on and it's super cute. What? You don't have an apron hanging on your fence?

Makin' it Cute
Frankie asked for the tiniest  heart to be sewn to a hair clip, so I did that.  I just whip stitched it on, it's just for decoration and not for function. 

Makin' it Cute

I think the shapes are adorable. Don't you think they'd be cute cut from scrap paper and used for decoration on a package? It's almost time for the holidays! I love he scalloped hearts, and think they'd make perfect appliques.

Makin' it Cute
LOOK AT THEM! I can't get over the cuteness! And I don't have to !  Head over to the Fat Quarter Shop and check out what everyone else is working on! I know there are some clever people on the list!  Then head to Barb and Mary's, they have a million ideas and they're all fun and totally adorable. 
Thanks for coming ! xop

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday Quilty Fun!  You're an awesome book and I've enjoyed lingering over your pages and feasting on your pretty photographs.  I love how you lay flat and stay open so that I can follow your instructions! And so many great projects! You're a great book Quilty Fun!  Happy Birthday!!

Quilty Fun
To celebrate Lori has designed a new cake block for us!  It's super cute, with a candle and a fancy bow on the cake stand! It's fast and fun to make. 

Quilty Fun

Make some coffee mugs to go along with it and you're ready for a party! 

Quilty Fun

Congratulations to Lori and the Fat Quarter Shop  on a great book! 

I hope you head over to the Jolly Jabber today to see who else is baking a cake for the party! It's a great list of people and I'm positive there are some delicious cakes just waiting!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday

Good morning!  I haven't been out back with a coffee cup in a while but yesterday I went out for a bit, the sun was shining and it was a lovely morning.  Perfect temperature.  Everything is dried out and I'm ready for fall and winter, when hopefully we'll get plenty of rain and see some green.  My pretty mug is from cousin Linda, I love periwinkle color and when I drink out of it I think of her and how I wish we were closer (geographically) so that we could share coffee time more often.  I'm happy I'll be back in Minnesota for spring Quilt Market.  In the mean time still to come, fall Quilt Market!

As usual it was a busy weekend. I did make time to refold the aqua grouping of Pam Kitty Garden. 
My photos just don't do it justice, but for now that's what we've got to work with! I'm already dreaming of what project to make first.
Pam Kitty Garden

Pam Kitty Garden

Pam Kitty Garden

Pam Kitty Garden

 They're even better in person!  Later in the week I'll show you the navy grouping! In the mean time I better get busy! I leave for market a week from Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More of the same

First things first, this post was brought to you by this finished Sunrise Studio table runner!   I spent far too much time thinking about it and then  actually doing it? It was a snap!  Sometimes my brain doesn't do me any favors when it gets going.   This runner takes a just takes some simple cutting and piecing.

Sunrise Studio

It was late enough in the day that I just snapped on quick picture of my pile of advance yardage. I love it so much, and want to take the time to take some nice photos to share, but right now like everyone else, I'm heavy on market prep.  This is the first time in ages that I did any stunt sewing and I'm out of practice. WAY out of practice. 

Pam Kitty Garden
I  haven't even unfolded them yet.. pretty sad right? Well don't worry, soon enough. I just want to enjoy it and take my time, so I can wait.  I hope you can too!  They're so pretty.  I think this is the prettiest Pam Kitty collection so far, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with Holly.
There's exciting things coming soon, I was emailing with Melissa yesterday and she said something about it being just about two weeks till market. HOLY COW. There is just two weeks!
Better get busy! Have a great day people! xo

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Hi there! So I know it's Tuesday but how was the weekend?  I hope good. We had a busy weekend around here. You think you have things in control and then suddenly you're doing something that isn't even on the list.  You guys know how that is.  It's regular life. 
I managed to finish Holly's Sunrise Studio quilt  Monday morning and it's pretty cute!  It's so easy, just  5 fabrics  fussy cut into rows and sewn together!  Sure you have the rick rack and leaves, but there's just 3 leaves per row, piece of cake.  I top stitched the rick rack but shhh don't tell, you could totally use that fabric glue and glue it in place. I don't remember the name but I've seen it at the fabric store.  It's so cute and whimsical, and you can't help but feel happy working on it.  I'm dropping it off with Darla today and she'll quilt it for Holly and we'll have it in the booth for quilt market.

Sunrise Studio

The mail carrier brought some Sew Sweet Bee Blocks to me.. first up is Renee's block.  I love her fabric selections. She wrapped the block up with pattern tissue, and included a cute flower made from my friend Elizabeth's fabric.  So super sweet.

Sew Sweet Bee Block- Renee

Heather's block is up next, love her fabrics too.  So many of my favorites in there.  She sent her block in that trick or treat bag, so cute!

Sew Sweet Bee Block Heather
Missy's block arrived  late  Monday afternoon, a nice  bonus surprise.  Perfect timing, I was due for a little break.  I love the nice contrast she has going and of course it's filled with a lot of my LakeHouse favorites. 

Sew Sweet Bee Block Missy
The bee has been super fun.  Thanks to everyone who's sent blocks and who are working on blocks. I need to get on this month's block for Renee, we're making churn dash blocks in pink!  I bet I have some fabric!
Ok, I know I know, my shipping samples are sitting in my kitchen and I've yet to show them to you! As soon as I finish my next Sunrise Studio project I'll be all over that!!   It's my motivator for getting things done!   Have a great day. xo

Friday, October 03, 2014

Happy Friday

Hi there sweet friends! How are you! The end of another week is upon us, can you believe it?  The time has just flown by, can't believe it's October already!  And now we're 3 days closer to MARKET. 

sweet bee block
This week I had some happy mail from my friend Donna, it's the first of my Sew Sweet Bee blocks! I chose the Sunny Lanes block and I love how Donna's turned out. She included some super cute treats in with it.  I can't get over how clever that little crochet flower is, she uses them under her thread on the sewing machine. It really is miles cuter than that little felt donut right? Anyway I had everyone sign their block so I can remember this year sewing along with everyone! 

sunrise studio
Yesterday I got  my rows cut out for the quilt I'm sewing for Holly and I spent the afternoon working on it.  Everything cut like a dream and I can't wait to show off the quilt.  But first! This morning I am headed over to the studio to collect my advance yardage!  Soon you'll be inundated with photos of Pam Kitty Garden, so stay tuned!   Have a happy weekend peeps! xo

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sunrise Studio

Good morning!  This week is a busy one, so much going on this time of year, right?  Yesterday I went over to the studio to pick up the Sunrise Studio yardage to make a couple of projects for market.  My picture doesn't do it justice, it's so bright and cheerful. 

sunrise studio
I love the projects, and I will take some photos along the way so you can see what I'm making. As with any project, preparation is the key, so I'm getting everything all pressed up nice.  My own early sample yardage should arrive at the end of the week, and I'm excited about that. I can't wait to see it all again!
Hope you're all having a good week!

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