Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quilt Shopping

What I love about Utah?... how it makes me feel good about myself. On our second trip to Salt Lake City I managed to find my way back to Sugar House neighborhood like I had been there the day before. Houston road trips are like the bad boy friend of road trips, they always manage to strip away a little bit of my self confidence. So thank you Utah for treating me so well.

Here were are running into Susan and Christine of Swirly Girls and their friend Alyssa over at Pipers Quilts.
Cute store in an old house... cute friendly girls there too... I follow along on their blog..lots of wonderful inspiration there.

After quilt market we had a fun trip over to Nadine's store, The Material Girls Quilts. OMG I could not love Nadine more and I wish that I was closer as I'd be there all the time meeting up with her and my girls.
She has a lot of room for samples and that kind of space is at a premium here in California. So take a gander at all the wonderful quilts and projects.
( Lots of Lakehouse here at Material Girls.. just saying! )

We had a lot of fun meeting Lori and Nanette here to shop, then we headed over to Gardner Village. I loved it. And speaking of love how about how cute is The Pine Needles? You can check their blog for darling photos of their people.. scroll just a bit for those cute aprons.

And now because you know I can't resist it.. check out these amazing cherry blossoms. You know how I love a blooming tree and these trees were like no other cherry trees ever.

The location there at Gardner Village is so beautiful. We had a fun afternoon shopping and lunching with Lori and Nanette. From there we traveled to our final Utah destination.. more on that tomorrow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Long weekend

So I'm in the middle of my long weekend here, how about you? Bret took Friday and Tuesday off, which is a real treat for me. Not that we've done any of the things we've discussed, but we had a few of our favorite outings and we ran some errands. And the weather cooperated for a nice cup of coffee for me out back. Nobody makes better coffee than Bret, which is funny since he doesn't drink coffee. I'm spoiled for sure.

Hope you guys are having a nice long weekend too! xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is it.

It's the end of quilt market photos today people! I've looked at so many wonderful posts.. if you're a market lover you have got to check out the links here. I cannot believe how many wonderful things I missed out on. I did get a chance to see Emily from Crazy Old Ladies. She's neither old or crazy, she's a lot of fun and she was debuting her new line Going Coastal with Michael Miller.

Here's a peek at Mary in her booth. Mary has a new book out, Colorful Stash Busters, with C&T Publishing. Elizabeth reminded me that Mary was famous for her communication choices as well. I'd forgotten about that.

Kay Whitt introduced some great dresses this quilt market. I love her style. You should check out her blog for the Summer of No Pants challenge.. wow that is one cute skirt she's showing off. And leave it to Kay to have another book coming out and it looks like a winner.

Celebrity sitings in the PamKittyMorning booth! I'm sure you already know these folk, John Adams, Heather Bostic, Kaye Prince, Katy Jones and Elizabeth.
Here's Beth Hayes, long time friend of Holly's and Editor-in-Chief of McCalls Quilting, joining us in the PKM booth for a quick chat and to see the quilts in the sales booklet that will be in McCalls Quilting and McCalls Quick Quilts next year.

Kimberly needs no introduction, we've all been shopping with her for years. She really sets the bar high for an internet shopping experience.

Cindy Taylor-Oates had a cute booth as usual. She and her pal Renee Plains are two of my favorite people, sadly not pictured here in Cindy's booth.
So that's it for photos. So many people missed, or waved at or visited with and not photographed, hard to work and have fun at the same time. And while market is fun, it's a job. Thanks to everyone who stopped by looked at and ordered Pam Kitty Morning by Lakehouse! OMG CHECK IT OUT, the Lakehouse website is updated!

Ok, that's it for today my lovelies!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More More More!

Good morning! Today brings more people people people.. I love the people. This is my friend Doug. He's a big talent so keep your eye on him. We had a chance to visit while waiting to be on QNN!!! Ok, we weren't big stars but we did have cameos on an episode about the new issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.. anyway.. Doug, he's got a great new book out.. check it out.

Here's a peek at four of my favorite sister's at quilt market!! They're the sweetest.

Of course I'm missing my other favorite sisters.. who also hung out with Doug and I at QNN's shoot..I love Barb and Mary and had a great time visiting with them too.

This is the Flower Sugar quilt Elizabeth designed for Lecien. So pretty and hey it's a free downloadable pattern from Lecien!!

The always adorable Pat Sloan. Talk about energy, she's everywhere, including on the radio! She just did a great show that included my friend Roseann, another not pictured here. I believe the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting will be featuring a visit to Roseann's Hideout. You won't want to miss that for sure. I was lucky enough to spend a day there with her last year. OMG GOOD.

Speaking of OMG GOOD.. here's Lizzy's booth. Of course love all things Lizzy but these new quilts are scrumptious. I love the complex traditional designs with her new fabrics 1001 Peeps.

More darling people, here's Camille! She and her her mom Bonnie have a wonderful new line out called Ruby. You see her here in front of her Swoon quilt which is capturing the hearts of quilt market attendees!

Here's a snippet of Joanna's booth. No picture of her either, but I did get this one to put on twitter. As usual Joanna has a ton of wonderful things this spring... along with new designs for the Slice machine.

So that's it for today my lovelies. I suspect there will be more where these came from!!! And for those of you who've asked, my swatch page will but up at LakeHouse's website soon, so soon we'll be able to see them in all their glory!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Lazy

Sure you already knew that right? I spent all morning yesterday working on the computer, editing my photos, then checked in on Twitter and Facebook and read some blogs and then felt like I accomplished something and went on my way.. sadly though, didn't bother to lode my photos till later in the day. I guess I thought they'd just miraculously turn into a blog post. AND let me also say, each market I'm worse and worse about photos. For every photo I did get of someone .. there's a million people I didn't get photos of. Like Barbara. Talked to her for ages but did I take a photo? No. And the photo I got of Kathy...well lets just say we wouldn't be friends if I posted it.

The photo I got of Sherri and her super sweet (meow) husband Paul is so awful I'm using it as blackmail later. I just have to decide what I want from her. Maybe this cute knitting basket. That sounds good right? Or wait, maybe it's this cute purse.

Honestly, there are no bad pictures of Gudrun. She always looks great and has fun projects. Hop over to her blog, she's having a blog hop right now.

I had such a good time talking with Sandi from Windy Moon Quilts and Kathy from Parkland Parish Quilt Company.

How cute is Cyndi? She and her mom manned her booth over by Riley Blake. She's on line 2 people.. you're going to love it.

Here's Lori's little corner of the Riley Blake world. If you're like me you've fallen in love with Lori's designs over on her blog. Sew Cherry is sew cute. Wait till you see what' s next!

The ever adorable Miss Violet Craft on her way to her corner on Peacock Lane in the town of Michael Miller.

Happy Mochi Yum Yum. My sweet Monica does it again with another delightful line for Lecien. Look here at her Super Zig..which is a free pattern here. Couldn't love her, or the quilt more.

Now because I really am lazy, I'm limiting my posts to only so many photos a day. Then I don't have to do anything clever till I'm done! It's madness I know. See ya laters lovely peeps. xo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Can you believe it?

I still can hardly believe that 1. quilt market is over and 2. I have a line of fabric with Lakehouse.Can you believe how cute the booth looked? Let me give a quick thanks to Nadine from Material Girls for the loan of a bunch of really cute props to go with the fun items that I brought. Look at that little oven. Seriously on my list of things to find for my greedy little self. And look how cute that polka dot bag is from Penny and Darci of Quilts Illustrated. She had some darling new bags this market. Check out her website to see the new City Zipper pattern and I'm going to be all over that Pleated Posie flower.

We had a lot of fun things to share with shop owners who stopped by to look at PamKittyMorning and place their orders.

Look at our pretty inspiration table... Thanks Elizabeth for getting all that set up. She's a vignette genius of course. I made a lot of pinwheels in the hotel room.. super cute and fun, easy to make. Holly printed up double sided sheets of PKM designs on paper and I found some instructions on the internet to make them. Using double sided paper and a big craft punch for the center made them so PKM. ( Word to the wise though, buy craft shop dowels.. you can punch through them easily with a push pin. I used sequin pins to mount the pinwheel onto the dowel, and pushed them through the dowel and bend the tip over onto the backside so the pin doesn't slide out. A dab of glue keeps the end from poking you.)

Pinwheels weren't the only thing made for the booth. I made a lot of strawberries. A. Lot. Of. Them.

In the next week or so you'll be able to download a lovely little free pattern so you can make a bunch yourself. As usual I leave the cute patterning up to Elizabeth, and wait till you see it..

Yeah, a lot of strawberries.. 150 at the very least. Elizabeth designed a cute recipe card for them, and I rolled a lot of bakers twine to send off with the cards.

There's so much more quilt market to share, but I caught a bit of a bug and I'm moving really slow here around PKMville.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here's the booth in all it's PamKittyMorning glory!! Its one of those photos you 'stitch' together from a series, as PKMland is pretty big for one shot!! Thanks to Holly, Elizabeth, Penny and Darci for making it so beautiful. Thanks to all you wonderful people for making it possible with all your blog love and support. Super xo to all of you.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Heat is On!

Good Monday morning people! Hope you all had a delightful weekend. The big push is on for market, and this weekend meant finishing up all those little loose ends that need to wait till the last minute, and testing out the car packing situation. It's going to be a tough one this time. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little worried. And to top things off my Sidekick kicked the bucket. True it was on life support and T-Mobile was pulling the plug 5/31 but still, so stinken sad to me. End of an era. And it was the start of trying to figure out a new phone and getting it ready to hit quilt market.

One last trip to Holly's so I could pick up some stuff to bring. Thought you'd like a peek at one of the PKM booklets. There's a pink and a yellow page as well. Feast your eyes. Every time I look at it I lose my mind. Oh and I don't want to forget the whites.. well photos to come for sure.

Lots of piling, collating, stacking, sorting.. you name it.

We cannot wait to show you PamKittyMorning by Lakehouse. If you're coming to quilt market we're at booth #909. If your local shop is going to quilt market, tell them to come by..I hope we'll all be having a PamKittyMorning sew day this fall!!!

Ok, Elizabeth and I leave before the crack of dawn tomorrow. I don't know when I'll be checking in, hopefully I'll have a scattering a photos while I'm gone. Plus we're staying a couple of days to visit and sew with our very special friends Lori and Nanette.

Now the last of my big fears.. meeting people and not recognizing their real names, why oh why can't our badges have our blog name or twitter id? Ok, see ya later my wonderful wonderful friends. xo

Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Greetings

Hello sweet bloggy friends! Are you ready for the weekend? It's a special weekend for all of us who are moms.. do you have big plans?

Like many of you, I'll be celebrating the "OMG it's the last weekend before Quilt Market" event. It will be punctuated by worries about if everything will fit in the car and trying to find the things that are scattered all over the house.

I've included a little block.. just because I have no coffee cup picture, no new garden pictures. I'm off to the airport to pick up Bret, he's been in Virginia all week on business. Then we're on a tour of the bay area, from SFO to Sausalito to pick up tables and then we're headed out to the east bay to drop stuff off with Bari to load in her trailer. Because you know, it's "OMG it's the last weekend before Quilt Market!!!"

Have a good weekend my adorable friends! xo

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spare moment

I had just enough spare moments to string together to have a cup of coffee on the swing yesterday morning. The weather was perfect, the coffee delicious and the scenery... well pretty if you only look in a few spots. My false indigo is blooming.. it's really a beautiful plant. The sweet peas and the honeysuckle have the backyard filled with a delightful scent.. it's just perfect out there. In a messy weed filled way.

I picked a winner from the blog hop,it's Sandi from Kwiltnkats! Email me your address Sandi and Quiltmaker will pop a magazine in the mail to you!

It's been so hectic around here.. so much to get ready. I hope you guys have an awesome day. I've really appreciated all the lovely comments and emails. You guys are the greatest. xop

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Get The Buzz

Monica has done it again, just look at how cute the radio is for Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City!!!

And like usual you can get a button for your blog! You know great quilt reports come from everyone!! What! You don't know about Radio PKM?? Catch up by reading about it here and here.

Just grab the text from the box and add it to your side bar.

Now here's the genius part. Add the link to your quilt market blog posts and then check back to read all the reports!

Are you coming to market? Please stop by the Lakehouse Booth at 909 and say hi and check out The PamKittyMorning collection! Ok, that's it for today!

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