Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh so sad

Well it is a little sad, I packed the little bunny into her purse and brought her back home. In her cruel and calculating way, she was extra sweet to make me miss her more. She sat on me for quite a while sleeping and she never did that here, preferring to jump around outside and terrorize me with her little claws. Her menacing little claws. Yeah, bunnies, they seem so sweet...
Anyway, I had a fun day with my girl. My actual girl. We had a nice lunch in Carmel at The Cottage. Then we window shopped a bit. She took me to Findings, a little sewing store. I picked up a piece of linen toweling. They have a nice supply of Moda's discontinued by the yard toweling, with pretty colors.
And hey, look what I see sitting here, Sweet Sandy's book. I love seeing my friends out and about!
I saw this and had to grab a photo for my mural loving friend Jen. She did a whole series of mural photos from her town. I think of her all the time when I see murals, and think to myself you know I could do some mural posts! But then I laugh, I mean come on, I'm way too lazy for that.

And you know it's easy to post pretty things on your blog but it takes real talent to find and share this kind of photo goodness with you people! This house is on a little short cut road we take.. It never fails to crack me up.

So when I got home, Bret had the whole bathroom where Binnie was staying cleaned up. He didn't want me to walk by and feel bad, missing the girl (and also seeing what a state that new bathroom was in.) He's a great husband like that. Still, this morning when I glanced in, I missed seeing her. But then that white tile was so shiny ... well anyway. Have a good weekend peoples!


Blogger Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sorry to hear that your bunny went bye bye...but hey, we cannot be bleeding on our fabrics now can we?

Hey, I was at Findings last weekend. Isn't it a great shop? I loved the vintage trims and saw those Moda towelings you spoke of. Almost got me some, but ended up buying trims instead.

Did she share with you her beloved stuffed bunny? There are some sweet treats to be had!!

happy weekend,

11:17 AM  
Blogger Happy Zombie said...

Oh that Raisin Bret is so awesome!

11:48 AM  
Blogger MichelleB said...

Thanks so much for showing Sandy's book! That quilt on the front will be perfect for a quilt that my daughter wants to make.

12:01 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Oh dear girl, let us pause but a moment to be sad that the bunny is gone but we shall all rise up in unison and dance and shout over a clean bathroom. By hands other than yours.

This is near nirvana I think!

have a great weekend!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

You can come over and cuddle with Melvin if that will help.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, sorry about the bunny. But apparently, if you get lonely there's three guys down the street, looking out a window, ready to console you. Or is that three kids? Mama won't let them out to play with all those weird lookin' neighbors???

9:57 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Oh, I just love Carmel! I'll definitely pop into Findings when I'm there next time. Fun!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Miss Tina said...

Findings is a great store. I visit it at least once year. It is a special place for sure. Carmel is just a treat to visit. The Cottage has a great breakfast also, they have the best hashbrowns...mmmmmmm!

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Sandy said...

Findings looks like a cute shop. I love the little "book" vignette. Thanks for snapping a pic.

Good luck with the bathroom project : )

10:20 AM  

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