Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hi there Happy Wednesday!  I know it's panic season but so far I feel pretty good! It almost seems a shame to break out the panic mug but it cracks me up and reminds me of Carrie so I like to use it a lot!

Are you getting ready to sew along with all of us again?  If you haven't seen the announcement head over to the Jolly Jabber and check it out! Don't forget to check out Lori's post as well! 
Perfect timing, right before my market sewing starts!  I guess that's when I'll be panicking!  Luckily my project isn't too big so it should go pretty fast.
Whats up with you guys?  I hope you're having a good week. Did you stay up to see the lunar eclipse? Pretty exciting stuff right? You can listen to this segment of Science Friday for a fun and informative segment.

Well that's all here.  Happy Wednesday! xo


Blogger Unknown said...

This will be my first sew-along. I hope I can keep up, busy packing for a quilt retreat now and will add this week's block to my "to do" list!

7:18 AM  

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