Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Time Travel

So yesterday Elizabeth and I got out and about for some fun. We're not getting out like we used to, which is weird. But we cruised down to San Jose to visit Prairie Queens and The Granary.
Prairie Queens was fun, but they have a no photography policy posted on their door when you walk in , no photos, sorry. They have a lot of wonderful things there and we had fun shopping. PQ is also the quilty home of the wonderful Keiko Clark. You've seen her lovely work in the Lecien booth photos.
Next stop was The Granary. I knew my friend Anne and her group used to sew there on Tuesdays, and I was hoping that maybe she'd be there. Anne managed Going to Pieces when I worked there, we were all great Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. Anne and her husband used to be able to find a 'wild feed' of Buffy before the actual episode would air, so the three of us would pile in the car and go meet her and Bobby to exchange the video tape, like spies. It was a very fun and exciting time in our household. Frankie and I were just reminiscing about it last week. So seeing "Buffy-Anne" yesterday was a great treat, and Frankie went nuts over the photo I sent her. So Anne, Frankie says hi and sends a big hug.
We also had a very nice time a Kinokuniya and I found a copy of the July Cotton Time. Delicious as usual. And check out my cool handles from Prairie Queens. They go perfect with Red Rose Farm.

Ok, now I need to go get busy! Hope you guys have a great day !!


Blogger Nedra said...

I'm from San Jose originally, and when I go home to visit family, I always stop in at Prairie Queens. Thanks for the lead to the Granery. That will be on my list for my next visit.
I love Kieko's work. I met and visited with her in the store last time I was there, and purchased several of her patterns. Such talent!

10:09 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

LOVE Cotton Time...I keep thinking September's issue will come out soon...but haven't seen it anywhere yet!

11:40 AM  

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