Thursday, March 26, 2020

More Sheltering In Place

Good morning friends, how are you?  I see so many more states joining in on the sheltering in place orders, and I hope you are doing ok with that.  I think (hope and pray) it works and we can flatten the curve.  I sometimes barely go out all week, maybe just the market, so it's not a huge change, but I do miss the smaller pleasures, like grabbing a Starbucks and going for a ride in the later afternoon on the weekend with Bret. Especially this time of year when the hills are green and there are signs of spring.  Of course I suppose we could still do that and I could make myself a cup of coffee at home, but I think you know what I mean.  

EllisandHiggs Watering Can

You probably follow along on IG already, so these are a rerun.  I've started working on the Ellis and Higgs Spring Garden Quilt blocks.   They're so cute.  When I was looking at the website just now to get the url for you, I saw the spring flower from last year's block and now I might have to get that too.  So cute.  

EllisandHiggs Tulips

I don't know about you but lately concentrating is challenging and you can see from this  chonky red tulip I missed a step. These blocks are so easy to sew, don't get me wrong, it's all me, not the patterns.  But I have done a lot of seam ripping on almost everyone. 

EllisandHiggs Tulips

I've really let my standards slip, photos from my phone.  Back in the day I would never have done that, but lately it's so easy, the path of least resistance.  Then when I come back here to my desk top they look so bleached out and over exposed.  Sorry friends.  I'm just so lazy now.  

EllisandHiggs Boot

The boot is such a cute design to me.  That little buckle detail is so clever.   Doesn't it just jazz up the boot? (Is that who  I am now? Some one who says 'jazz up'?  I guess so.)

EllisandHiggs Bunny

Love the rabbit and how serendipitous the gingham placement was, looking like a little glimmer in that rabbit's eye.  

EllisandHiggs Garden Blocks

They're all so cute together don't you think?  It's such a cute group of blocks.  I was going to do the larger quilt but given my current level of concentration  I'll stick with the mini quilt.  I can quilt that myself.  More to go .... still have the garden tools and hmm, wheelbarrow, and maybe the mole.  

In other news, we started a new jigsaw puzzle.  We finished our colorful cat puzzle the other day and I had LUCKILY grabbed a couple before we were locked down so next up is a mostly brown Baby Yoda puzzle.  It's going to be a challenge even though the piece count is low.  We need the slightly larger pieces so we see them with our bifocals.  Talk about old people problems! 

Ok, time to let you go.  Thanks for stopping in for coffee with me.  The blog has always been a nice place for me, and everyone has always been so kind.  I hope you are well, keeping a good distance from others and staying safe. Thanks to all of you out there working those necessary jobs in the public, I know we all appreciate it so much.   xop


Blogger Rani said...

Stay healthy, which it sounds like you're doing. I'm in Los Angeles so kind of in the same boat. When I do make quick runs out, though, I still feel like there are too many cars and people out and about still. I've committed to making at least 100 facemarks using the Deaconess pattern that's floating around but then I think I'll need to take a break and do some selfish sewing. I love your blocks! They look so happy.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

Adorable blocks Pam! In Alaska we are "Hunkering down" as they so aptly named it.
I can commiserate with you on the lack of concentration, so hard to push back the worry.
I am quilting a table runner from a design in last months Sew Sampler box, super cute. Next up, who knows :)
I love that you are staying in touch on the blog, I look for your posts every morning, thanks :)
Stay the course everyone, we are all in this together.
Regards, Peg in Alaska

8:54 AM  
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