Thursday, May 24, 2018

Make Lemonade

Good morning! I'm trying to get back in the groove.  If you follow me on Instagram  you'll have seen that I have been oh so slowly working on a table runner from Sherri's book, Tablerunner Bliss. 

Tablerunner Bliss

I cut myself a little kit like Elizabeth used to make me. I fell in love with Brenda Walton's Limonella fabrics, particularly the lovely lemon focal print.  I paired it with a green  gingham print my friend Sharon sent me, and the blue PKM mini gingham. 

I chose this runner with the large block centers, all the better to show off the focal fabric. Of course it was quick and easy as well, which makes it a great fun project.

Tablerunner Bliss

I love how it turned out.  Of course what always holds me up?  FINISHING. I never know what to do, and I know my machine quilting attention span is pretty short.  BUT!
I saw Miss Luella's wonderful log cabin quilt on Instagram and I think that wavy quilting would be perfect.  I would only need to mark the first row, then use my walking foot with the guide on it to complete it. 

Tablerunner BlissTablerunner Bliss

We'll see how fast I get on that! I have some ideas for other projects percolating in my mind and I might want to work on those next. In the mean time, I saw these on a trip to Home Goods recently?  Perfect right?

Home Goods Lemons
Home Goods Lemons

Hope things are going well for you !  xop

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day friends!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Coffee on the porch

Morning friends, how are you?  The sun is shining here in PamKittyVille and all the roses are blooming up a storm.  I've been dead heading like crazy and hoping for a speedy second bloom.  You can't beat an Iceberg rose for  the wow factor. 

Monday morning I was using a cute little cup I brought home from mom's to have my coffee.  It's old and stained with tea and I think she probably picked it up at an antique shop.  It's a cute design and it made me happy to use it.  ANYWAY... when I walked out I saw the squired hanging off the feeder.  

I was sure it would run off while I tried to grab a picture.  Nope.  Then I went back in and got my camera, which turned out to be out of batteries, so I went back in and got my big camera, nearly out of battery so I went  back out and got up close with my phone and that squirrel didn't bat an eye.  Wow. I guess that's some excellent bird food. 
I hope all is well with you! xo

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