Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Day of Quilt Market

My cell phone coverage has been pretty spotty so I have hope this will post! Miss you guys!  Ok gotta get to work! Xo

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Having a nice breakfast before setup! Can't wait to start seeing what's new!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blook it!

Good morning! So today's the day to pick the winner of the e-book from Jill and the tea towel kit from me! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. You guys are awesome. The winner is Lisa who said:

"Pam Kitty - Thank you for hosting the Blook tour. What a great idea this was as. It's like I get to remember my favorite blog's and visit new people that I haven't seen yet. I love your blog! Lisa "

Lisa, email me your mailing address and I'll ship the tea towel kit to you when I get back from Quilt Market. And of course I'll get your email address off your email for the e-book!

Yesterday I finally got the photo of the pj pants.  They turned out super cute I think. I changed the pattern a bit, didn't put in the elastic, just the draw string, and instead of cuffs I put on a ruffle.

PamKittyLove PJ's

You can see the original pattern cover here.

I'm excited about Quilt Market and leave tomorrow morning early! I hope to use my phone to blog a little along the way, a picture here and there like I did at spring market.  There is so much to see and do, it's sometimes hard to remember we're there working! Hope you guys have a super day! xo

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilt Market Week

Happy Monday! I'm off to quilt market this week to help out  Holly with the LakeHouse booth set up, and during market! Holly is showing her new collection Sweet Things, and it's delicious! If you're market bound I hope you'll stop in and see us at booth 800!

Sweet Things by LakeHouse Dry Goods

No pj picture today, dang it! Frankie and I just didn't get around to it. Both of us were busy this weekend. I hope to at least get a shot of the pj pants later today, they're so cute! I did get my apples started for my row 4 in the row along quilt, not done yet but progress! I am really trying to enjoy the time and not just race through trying to get it done. Not always easy. Is the next row this week or next week? I hope I don't slip too far behind.

Aurifil Christmas Blog Hop
Talk about behind! I'm a bit behind in announcing that I'm participating in the Aurifil Designer Christmas blog hop!  My friend Sherri is the mastermind of this project. It's 3 designers a week for 4 weeks, and we'll stitch up some cute ornaments.  I'm anxious to see what everyone else has cooked up. As you know I'm WAY  not a genius at this, so mine is pretty basic, but you know the rest of the group is pretty amazing! Watch for that beginning November 6th.
Ok that's it for this morning. Lots of odds and ends to take care of before I go! Hurry up and leave a comment over on this post , I'm picking a winner tonight!  Come back tommorrow and see who it is!  

Friday, October 19, 2012


Happy Friday everybody! Big plans for the weekend? I hope to get some sewing done, but don't I say that every Friday?

Home Sweet Quilt

There is still time to win! Visit these blogs today, then on Saturday head over to The Noble Wife and Sunday we wrap things up at Henry Glass. That's a lot more chances to win. Come Monday I will announce my winner, so be sure and come back for that!
Hope you have a great weekend!  I can't wait to hear all about it.  If you're up near Murphy's this weekend be sure and stop by and see Elizabeth, she's vending at the Independence Hall Quilt Fair at Ironstone Vineyards!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sew.. much better

It was a  totally a different sewing experience yesterday! Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to keep at it when there are nothing but problems. Taking a break from the project made everything better. I managed to make my ruffles and drawstring and get them on the pj's  in  a snap.  They're almost done.

Pam Kitty Love Pjs

Pictured here is my Easy Threader and my drawstring.  Every mom should have one in their arsenal of tools just to put those ties back in sweat shirts or sweat pants. Are people still taking the ties off of of kids  sweatshirts? That was a big safety thing when Frankie was little.
Pam Kitty Love Pjs

I think I'll be able to get a photo of Frankie in her new pj's this weekend. They turned out so super cute. Come Monday I'll have photos one way or the other. I'm even going to get my serger out and finish the inside.. I have a nice Bernina serger that's a delight to use, it's just inconveniently placed in my sewing room.  
The blog hop is still going, so head over to Martingale's Blog
P. S. You can get those Easy Threaders at Amazon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Good morning... today is Amy's day on the blook tour, so remember to click over and comment for  another chance to win! This book is seriously so cute you're going to want it.

Home Sweet Hom Blook Tour

I totally sewed all day yesterday... well sadly it was really more of unsewing kind of day. Everything I did had that cursed feeling, if you know what I mean.  Between that and the fact my bobbin thread would break just about every 3 minutes, well it was frustrating, we can leave it at that.  Someday I'll be done with those pj pants.  I'm just not sure when. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Home Sweet Quilt Blook Tour!

Good morning! Welcome to my day on the Blook Tour!  Nothing beats coffee on the swing with a good book! 

Home Sweet Quilt

Jill's book filled with great projects and it also has excellent instructions. Not only are the instructions for each project well written, but there are  instructions on the basics, like fabric selection, proper application of borders, quilting elements and binding.  Jill also includes a lesson in Applique the Jillily Way, with great illustrations and photos of tools.

Home Sweet Quilt

One of my favorite projects in the book is the Cherry Lemonade  dish towels. You know I love anything with cherries!  I have good intentions of whipping out a set soon..

Cherry Lemonade

Want a chance to win an e-copy of Jill's new book? Leave a comment here, and improve your chances by following along with all the stops on this book tour. Tomorrow is Amy's turn to share her favorite project. Is it wrong I think they could all be favorites?  I'll spice it up and include a give away of a dish towel and some fabric to make a cherry towel!  Don't want to wait and see if you win? You can purchase a book from Jill or direct from Martingale.  And remember to stop by and visit Jill along the way.

Ok peeps have a super day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend

How was your weekend. This is as far as I got with my apples for Lori's row-along. Not quite ready for stitching. Frankie's pj pants are still sitting pinned on my sewing table.

My excuse is this.. went to Elizabeth's wedding this Saturday. She is a pretty bride don't you think? It was a lovely day. Her son Eric took this picture of us.. her boys.. well young men, were awesome and I enjoyed visiting with them  during the day. It was fun meeting all her new friends.  Names and faces now!

Sunday.. well I just frittered it away. What about you? Today is another day on the blog hop.. hope you head over to Madamme Samm's to check it out. Then come back here tomorrow, it's my turn!

Home Sweet Hom Blook Tour

Happy Monday everybody!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Big Blook Tour!

Happy weekend people! Today is the start of a fun "Blook Tour" for my friend Jill's new book.

Home Sweet Hom Blook Tour

Of course the great thing about a book tour is not only getting a great preview of a new book and meeting some new people but also having a chance to win a free copy of the e-book! You can click on the Home Sweet Quilt icon and head over to Jill's to read all about it.
Here' s a list of the participants:
Sat, Oct 13:      Aurifil Threads             
 Sun, Oct. 14  Linda Lum DeBono  
 Mon, Oct 15:     MadammeSamm
Tues, Oct 16:           ME!
Wed, Oct 17:    AmyEllis
Thur, Oct 18:   StitchThis --Martingale                                           
  Fri, Oct 19:     CoriBlunt  and   AmberJohnson
  Sat Oct 20:      Jacuelynne Steves                                      
Sun Oct 21:     Henry Glass Fabrics             
Hope you hop around and check it out!  And be sure and click on that icon and hop over to Jill's to read all about it. She's sweet, you'll like her! xo
P. S.  Head over to her blog and check out here studio tour.  OMG!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet my friend Joyce.

This is my friend Joyce. I met Joyce when I first started quilting, she both taught and worked at Going to Pieces in Pleasanton. I took quilt classes from her, and later ended up working there too.  I'm afraid to count the years really.  It's been a long time.

my friend Joyce

Anyway, you know what a copy catter I am, and Joyce has a lovely style worth copy catting. She was in charge of decorating the shop window, and people would come for miles to see it. The vignettes were wonderful.

Joyce's home
Joyce influenced my fabric selections and my decorating style for many years, I have lots of chickens and  crows, egg scales,squirrels and acorns.  Even now I feel the sirens call of the folk art style.  

Joyce's home
Some of the most important lessons about piecing and binding and getting things done I learned from Joyce.  I think one of the most important lessons that I keep reminding myself is about time management.  Joyce would keep her projects ready so that even the smallest amounts of time could be spent sewing, like those few minutes before you have to leave your house you could sit down and sew a few seams, or like today, she managed to get some piecing in before  I arrived because I was just a few minutes late.  I am a huge time waster so I try try try to remind myself to do this whenever possible. 
Joyce's home

Joyce's home
I still love looking at how her style has evolved over the years.  Her home has always been lovely, layers and layers of detail to draw you in, but also warm and cozy.

Joyce's home

Joyce's home
Seriously people, it's always nice and tidy like this. I have dropped in before and it looks like she just fluffed everything up for a visit.
Joyce's home
I like how she uses quilts on tables and piled up here and there.  This quilt is from the Primitive Quilt magazine I think. She repeated the block 4 times for a nice size quilt. I'm pretty sure she made it in a week. She's a finisher.
Joyce's home

Joyce's home

Joyce's home

Like Joyce I have a lot of little cross stitch pictures from the cross stitch years. My mother-in-law Doris, cousin Linda and I would sit around and stitch for hours.  I have many happy memories of those days.
Joyce's home
Even the outdoor space is decorated. I love this tray of acorns Joyce collected on her morning walks. So many sweet details.  I'm glad I was there today, it looks like rain and this would have been picked up and stored for next year.
Joyce's home
Goat cart, I can't tell you how many years Bret and I spent tracking down a vintage goat cart.   Mine is outside as well, but I remember seeing one filled with quilts with a glass top used as a side table in a quilt decorating book. LOVED IT.
Joyce's home

Joyce's home

Joyce's home

It was a great morning spent with Joyce talking and catching up.  I was over excited to see it all and my photos don't really do her home justice.  Thanks Joyce for letting me come over and take  photos and for making delicious muffins and coffee!!! Even our friend Ann came and it was a lovely morning. 
Today I'm headed out to  meet my friend Karen for coffee.  Super exciting, I haven't seen her in ages, we used to take tap dance together probably 20 years ago.  I'm having a fantastic nostalgic week.   Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Have a super weekend ! xo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yak yak yak

Good morning! So did you see that Lori posted the next row in the row-along yesterday? So cute, apples.. you have to go check it out. I am excited to pull some fabric and get started.  It's so cheerful to work on. 

Speaking of cheerful, did you see the latest Aurifil Designer of the Month? It's my friend Amanda, or as many know her Ms. McPorkChop or @heyporkchop on twitter.

Oct Designer of the Month Amyanda Woodward-Jennings

She's one half of the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, and an avid Halloween lover so October's is the perfect month for her. And look how super cut it is.
Oct Designer of the Month Amyanda Woodward-Jennings

I totally recommend following Amanda on Instagram.. her photos are so cute. Each one a little visual treat to look at. You can get a feeling for her style just from how cute that picture above is, a perfect bite of a vignette. 
I'm off to my friend Joyce's this morning! She's letting me take some photos of her home this morning!  So exciting! I think you'll enjoy the fall tour of her house.  Have a good day peeps!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sew What?

Good morning! Today's plan is to make some pj pants for Frankie. We've been talking about it, and yesterday we went out and looked for a cute pattern. We have an old pattern from back in the kid days which works really well, but makes a bit of a funky pant, perfect for fleece or flannel but not perfect for a daytime lounge about pant.

I've been sewing clothes since elementary school.  My mom taught me, and while I did take sewing in school, most of what I know is from mom or trial and error. We never throw away a pattern, lots of times we just cobble different patterns together to make a franken-outfit. This collar on that dress, those sleeves, this bodice.  I loved mixing up prints as well.. I just love fabric, always have. 
Anyway.. I picked up this pattern from Kwik Sew. I've seen them in quilt shops recently, and I'm most comfortable with traditional tissue patterns. I like being able to see through them so you don't get that ill placed motif! And the multi sizes are nice too.   Frankie is petite, and I forgot to look to see if it was 'petite-able'.   It's easier when the markings are already there, but I can work it out. I hope!
So here's my question... I always fold back the sizes I'm not using so that I can make the pattern again in a different size if necessary.  Do you do that or do you just cut with wild abandon on the size you are using.  I always want to do that, but have that old time fear of wasting those other sizes. 
Ok, better get to work! Have a good day peeps!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning

Great laid back weekend here. The weather was so nice and cool, lots of resting and relaxing going on. Started on this well recommended book out back on the swing with some coffee Sunday morning.

Lots of really great comments and ideas from Friday's post!  Thanks so much!  Today's winning comment is from verykerryberry   who said..."I would fussy cut this cuteness and mix it with a scrappy bunch of reds! The red would be good for Christmas projects too" . Kerry email me your mailing address and I'll send the fabric your way this week!

So with that out of the way, what did you do this past weekend and what exciting things do you have planned for this week?

Friday, October 05, 2012

All Buttoned Up

What a week! Busy with social stuff and fabric stuff, it just doesn't get any better than that does it? Today I'm off to meet someone who's in the area, and I can't wait. With the onset of some cooler weather.. well the week couldn't be better.

I'm not one to want to hog the whole good times to myself, so I thought I'd have a little giveaway here!  How about one repeat of my button card fabric?  It's pretty cute, and a perfect example of Holly's genius in action.  She took the tiny idea of some button cards and turns it into this.  Some fantastic collaboration right there - in fabric - with my name on it.  But the genius.. all Holly.

Leave me a comment telling me what you might do with it, and I'll pull a name out of the hat Sunday night! How's that? Pretty easy right? Now, you guys have an awesome weekend then come back and tell me all about it next week! xo

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


So far this week has been pretty busy and pretty fun! Monday was Holly's birthday, so we convened on the studio with cake and balloons and flowers! Of course Frankie and Jed were already there working away on the sales booklet for Holly's latest collection. My job.. show up with cake.

Sadly I ate my little straw before we thought about photos!  Tasty.  Naturally my fabric arrived after I left for home.  Yesterday I dashed over and picked up a lot of bags like this! Good thing I have a big trunk!   Today I'll be refolding it like we're accustomed to seeing it, and cutting into it! That's the hard part.

Well that and deciding what to do next! Hope you guys are having a good week! xo

Monday, October 01, 2012


How did the weekend go? Three day for us, Bret had Friday off, although he ended up working  the whole day Friday.  Even Frankie worked at home, so it was kind of a "be quiet" day with people on the phone etc. 

Those kinds of days make for good sewing days. I finished my butterflies. Bodies are funky..another case of better in my imagination but I've decided to be cool with it. But not cool enough to not mention it apparently.

Here they all are hanging on my design tablecloth. Ha! Yup, I have a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth at the end of the hallway. Colors aren't good but you can see value just fine, and of course I can back way up and look at things from a distance.  I put it up temporarily  and it's just never come back down.   Hey, doesn't everyone have that?  I do feel envious of people with plenty of space, but but making do is important too. 

So can you believe it's OCTOBER?

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