Friday, May 29, 2009

All Sewn Up!

I know, SEWN is old news by now, right? You're probably already hosting your own SEWN blog party give-away. Well as you know, my new friend Sarah is the Creative Director of the new soon to be launched SEWN website, and you can read all about it here.
I like to be in the thick of things so I have a bloggy give away planned too! Here's a photo in my bathroom photo studio, of one of the many Sew Frilly bags I made. I love this summery looking bag and I know it holds up, Elizabeth carried it around for a couple of weeks!

Here's the give away! A kit for this bag containing the fabrics, pattern, magnetic closure and covered button .. all you need to complete this bag this is some fusible fleece. It comes crammed into this darling bag from Daiso.. which I just can't stop staring at. I know, I'm pitiful.

So check out the whole SEWN story, comment here, and on launch day, June 8, I will draw a name and get this kit on the way to the lucky winner!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Home!

Hi peeps! Checking in here on a Thursday night to say hey !!! I've been gone longer than I thought, Frankie and I were having such a good time I stayed an extra day! I know you're expecting to hear about a prize winner.. so I better get cracking!

But first... Here's some vacation pictures. I know, cruel. Enlarge this photo, the ride to Frankie's was to begin with some Japanese bookstore goodness. Check out the sign on the door.

Had a nice lunch with Frankie at the Paris Bakery. Yummy. Then we took a long walk around the farmers market.

These strawberries are HUGE and in the sun it almost hurts your eyes to look at them. It looks like an ad, but really, I saw them myself.

Lounging in the cool breezes at the open air mall. We had a nice walk around there in the early evening. Better to be there when the weather at home was scorchin!

More really great luck on Wednesday.

We went to San Luis Obispo for the day. We'd been planning this trip for ages, I love this shop. What?? CLOSED!! Didn't notice that when I looked up the hours online.

Fortunately it doesn't matter when you're having a fun couple of days of vacation with your daughter. We had a blast.

Now for the winner of the Liberty Star Patterns... its mascanlon who writes "I love all the market photos and I clicked on nearly everything link, thanks especially for them Pam." Thanks for clicking away mascanlon. Email me your address and the patterns will fly off to you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good morning peoples, how was the long weekend? We had a great time here.. the weather was perfect. Not too hot, cool in the evenings. Good sleeping weather. I still feel like I'm catching up from that long weekend at Quilt Market !!!
Got the machine out at bit last week, although the place is still a premarket jumble. I have stuff piled up everywhere. EVERYWHERE. If I'm not careful I'll need an intervention. I did get a chance to test out some Cosmo embroidery on the spool. You know, everyone is talking about it for handwork, but what about us folk that only do machine work?

Check it out, the 2 strand Cosmo on a spool works just fine! I used a couple of pieces of really lovely scrap fabric and got started. And look how nice it turns out.

I used my Masterpiece in the bobbin (oh my how I love that thread, color Canvas!!) and I think the tension looks as good as it regularly does with blanket stitching. I always want it to pull a bit to the backside so no bobbin thread appears.

I know, too sunny but I wanted to show you the little box of thread Nireko sent me to play with. All very pretty. I even tried some regular decorative stitching, little flowers and some scallops, all turned out wonderful. I feel like this opens up a wonderful door to use pretty threads on the machine. I'm sure tons of people do it, its new to me though, and maybe to you?

Ok peeps, off to Frankie's for a couple of days, see you when I get back!!! xo
P.S. Brenda has moved.. check out her new blog, set up your links and don't miss a word.

Friday, May 22, 2009

More!More!More! Quilt Market!

Ok peoples today is the last day. I'm super enjoying everyone else's posts too and totally know how much time and energy goes into editing photos and the links. OMG the links. So I hope you clicked on a few and if you didn't please don't tell me. I like how we all attend the same show, but somehow we all see different things. Jona is really catching me up on the mod stuff.

I don't know how I can manage to walk the whole show more than once and still miss people. Like Tara. I'm pretty sure she has a force field around her booth that I just can't penetrate. I've missed her every market so far, although this time, I ran into her in the ladies room!!!

You know who else I missed was Amy. I think Amy is one of the most inspiring and prolific contemporary quilters around and she's good at all of it, fabric selection, piecing and quilting. I admire her machine quilting ways and today I lucked out, Alex loaned me a pile of DVDs to watch and they're the same DVDs Amy watches.. so maybe, well someday. Bummed that I didn't see her.

Speaking of cool people I found out about through Amy, here's Sarah and Damian. Seriously, aren't they like Australia's most famous couple?

I had a nice coffee (well it was crappy coffee but the company was good) with Sarah on Saturday. She was practically fresh from her Martha Radio interview and wow, how important does that make me seem????? I can't wait to get my act together and get going on my SEWN stuff. That's the place to be you know! And not to make you all jealous but I have my own personal carried by Sarah across the world copy of Material Obsessions 2. AUTOGRAPHED NO LESS.. and since she missed bringing it to our coffee, it was hand carried to me by Alex. Wow. I know a couple of people who are seriously going to be jealous to hear that.

Look at her smiling. It's like she knew I would make this all about me instead of all about her and Sewn but still she's indulging me. She's like that.

Renee is so cute. I love her booth and I have the photos to prove it. She has the best vignettes and I love vignettes. Which you would have no problem believing if you saw the million pictures I took. Like I am seriously going to need one of those wiry dressforms thankyouverymuch. And then a set of Jaws of Life to get it in here. But oops that's my problem.

And because Renee is super generous I have a pack of her new patterns so leave a comment and I'll pick a name next week! Like Wednesday, how's that?

OH and here's Vicki doing some paper piecing. We gave her some "encouragement" to get back on the blogging train. She's already posted since she arrived home, so possibly we scared her. Its a distinct possibility. I just loved looking at her pretty blocks and really could have taken 40 pictures because I love the digital macro setting on my camera that much.

Saw some wonderful new fabric while we were walking around. Not to mention running into some of our favorite people, like Ann! All three of us loved the Christmas fabric so much, seriously, the most fun Christmas fabric I've seen in ages.

I hope they sold a ton so we'll find it all over the place. We sent so many people over to see them. Fresh fresh colors and style. I would say after Flower Sugar, my most fav fabric of the show.

Here's Gudrun. This is the first time we've meet, although I've been familiar with her designs for a long time. She has a nice offering for this market. She also had some wonderful chocolates from Iceland and I took some to take a photo of and now I can't find them. And seriously, I thought I was being mature and didn't eat them, but maybe after I ate my cute Holly chocolate I couldn't control myself. It's not like that hasn't happened.

ANYWAY... She had her booth set up with a little back room, and said that during the Sunday slowdown she'd be performing a little show.. here's a teaser.

Over at the Windham booth we met Genevieve Gail with her new line of fabric Flower Bucket and ...

the Very Famous Bari J. with her new line of fabric!!! Bari is a local girl to us so we're always thrilled to see her out and about! Congratulations again, Bari.

I'm such a huge fan of Darlene and she's yet to file a restraining order so we cruised over to check out her demo of the new rulers she's got going on with Simplicity Studio Acrylic Tools. There's a Double Wedding Ring Ruler that totally wowed me. Genius. I wish I had a link for you, but they're so new they're not anywhere yet.

I'm thinking it was shortly after this she shooed me away.

Yes our sweet Whitney is going to have a baby so we won't see her in October. I think I'll take this time to remind you, I know the Urban Chiks, in case you'd forgotten. I would have posted a crazy picture I have of Holly, but then I'd be off 'the list' and I couldn't take it. But seriously you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of young women and if that doesn't make me sound like an old lady I don't know what does.

So that's it people. Thanks for indulging me. Hope you enjoyed the photos and the links. If you just come around for market photos thanks for visiting, see you in October!! Who knows what we'll be up to then!!!

See you next week. Elizabeth and I have something up our collective sleeve, I'm on a little road trip with Frankie and just who knows what kind of trouble I could get in!!! See you then!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilt Market, Friends, Food and Coffee

Good morning peeps. Another quilt market post, starting with the best cup of coffee that I had the whole trip, and that was at breakfast with some pretty good company over at the Westin. Kudos Westin. Good coffee.

Good friends too. Here are Elizabeth and Brenda getting caught up iphone style. Brenda is a tweeter, so you can catch up with her there, somehow.

Here's a little picture of the embroidery on her quilt in the Lecien booth. Talk about amazing and wonderful. Here's a link to the entry in her blog with more photos. Truly lovely.

And yummy breakfast. I love breakfast.

Here's the wonderful Jocelyn, Marketing Director at The Fat Quarter Shop. We caught her calling in to tell about all the wonderful things she saw!

The ever amazing Miss Tula Pink, fresh from Pinkerton where she's creating lovely things for us.

Market is not complete if we don't see this sweet woman, Jennifer Paganelli. She's the sweetest ever. And I love love love her fabrics for Free Spirit.

We also ran into our friend Celine from Perkins Dry Goods. She's a friend and quilt market neighbor from the past. She had a lot of pretty new things for this market.

Here's the This and That booth. You might remember Sherri from when I messed up her blog a while back. Now I have nothing but cruddy pictures of her booth.

And of her and Paul, her ever so kind (and slightly gullible) husband! Thank goodness she's just too sweet for any kind of retaliation.

Another neighbor from the past, The Stitch Connection. I love how they combine machine embroidery and quilting in a fresh way.

A bit of Sandy Klop's American Jane Booth. I love her new line Happy Camper. Not yet up on the website but will be soon!

More old friends, The Quilt Branch! They have a new book out Six Halves Make a Whole Lot More, I have an early copy and love it.

Our friend Nicole did some stunt sewing recently and here is a nice picture of the fruits of her labors! Joanna said she did a very nice piecing job and that's what stunt sewing professionals need to hear!

More Moda lovelines. I really fell down on the job getting pictures of everything but I'm pretty sure Anne has that covered. (tee hee)

I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing this trim soon.

Our friend Lizzie couldn't be there but here's a nice photo of her Red Letter Day quilt. Missed you Lizzie!!

Here's my only shots of Holly's booth, Lakehouse Dry Goods. I know she has some on her blog and there's tons out there, I was captivated by these little dessert prints and couldn't look away. I would blog her darling matching candy but I ate it. Whoops.

This one will be the one I put on my wall and gaze at. I love it so much. I don't know if its the baskets or the bows or what. I'm captivated by it.

And her salesmans books are wonderful. Really innovative, like Holly always is.

Here's the charming Joanna in her Fig Tree Booth. She has a lot of lovely offerings this time. And its always fun to have a chat with her! We don't see her enough in real life. I'd like to see her at her house again, she has a wonderful home, seriously go to her blog and demand pictures of her scalloped laundry room. DO IT, I'll wait here.

Market isn't market if we don't scare the 'you-know-what' out of Darlene. Sorry Darlene. I'm just crazy that way, but harmless, inspite of what you might have seen here earlier in this quilt market series. This is Darlene's new fabric Traditions. (I think that's the name, none of my photos has a full picture of that sigh. Dang it) She's got a lot more going on, and I'll get on that next time.

More old friends and famous neighbors, you can see our friend Connie here in her booth, but you can also catch her in her Quilt Sampler Top Ten shop!

Here's a quick picture of our friend Cindy's booth. Seriously, the place was crammed every time we walked by. Her new books are Little Sassy Skirts and Baby Cakes.

Anne! It's not a quilt market without Anne! The sun always shines on her.. because she's so sweet! Her booth was darling and always stuffed with people. She really does have a lot of great pictures on her blog so go check them out.

Our friend Tracy couldn't be there at market so I snapped a picture of her stitchery in the wild. Sadly, the little quilt picture turned out awful and the quilt is so cute. Both could be found in the Lecien booth.

Ok peeps. More to come, seriously. There's more people. More stuff. I hope you click on all the links and check them out, there's so much good stuff out there it boggles the mind.

P.S. And now because I cannot contain myself any longer, I'm in a Moda ad and I know it could be just a little lame of me but here it is. In about 2 minutes it will be hanging on my wall. Seriously. Me. Moda Ad. Framed.

Pardon me while I go stare at it. Me. In the ad. In a frame. Thanks to Monica who sized it for me!

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