Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Long Catch Up

Hi hi hi friends!  It's been so long since we met here, and I have missed you all.  I haven't forgotten how much I love meeting with you here and sharing what's up on my side of the screen and reading your comments about what you're up to. 
Last weekend Bret and I took a little road trip down the coast to stay at our favorite place, the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo.  I love the town, I've been going there since I was a little kid when we camped at Morro Bay and visited my great Aunt Milly. 
On the way down we drive through Greenfield, and one of the landmarks along the road is the wonderful Greenfield sign.  I was sure I had blogged about it, Elizabeth and  I loved that old fashioned look of it, but looking through my blog photos I can't find it. Seems weird.  Everytime we drove by it I took a photo and would send it to Elizabeth.  Because that's the kind of thing we do.  Anyway this is the spot. I had my camera ready....
Missing Greenfield Sign

 Gone.  In both directions.  Its' great shape, and it's cool fonts, I loved it.  I guess old wooden signs eventually break down.  Still. Sad.  Here it is on one of the many trips past it.

greenfield sign

We sat outside in front of the inn and watched the hummingbirds flying around the lantana.  The grounds of the Apple Farm are filled with flowers that draw in birds and butterflies.  Really pretty.  It's just close enough to the coast to have a great climate for flowers and plants.   

Apple Farm Inn

Apple Farm Inn
Years ago on a visit I had an apple dumpling and it was wonderful, so I had one for dinner.  No regrets.

apple dumpling at Apple Farm Inn

After all the hot weather it was nice to see fog at the coast, but except in a few places, you couldn't even see much of the ocean unless you were right up at the beach.   Still, wonderful to be there.
Foggy coast

Saturday we went to Solvang, and walked around a bit.  The whole town was mobbed with people.  Fall is nice in California, warm but not too hot.. at least in the central coast area.  

Then we headed back home.  It was great to get away, and of course always good to be back home. 

Spelling Bee sew along
I pulled out my book and fabric, it's time to get busy working on my letter for the Spelling Bee Sew Along.  I am using my fabrics left over from the Tablerunner Bliss Sew Along, I love it so much!
That's it for me! Hope you're well!  Have a great day ! xop

Monday, October 09, 2017

Bee cute

One of the fun things we did at Nanette's was have lunch with Lori Holt.  Always happy when she can spend some time catching us up on what she's up to. She brought us each her cute new dishtowels and Cute Little Buttons 2... all adorable and made to match her fabrics. 

Lori Holt towels

I'm excited that I'll be participating in the Spelling Bee Sew Along! 


I can't wait to see all the blocks and what people do with them. The Spelling Bee book is chock full of blocks and quilts.

I even enhanced my stash a bit while out shopping, picking up some cute fabrics for future projects whatever they might be. There are so many great choices and so many great places there to shop. 
shopping spree
 I hope this finds you well.  xo

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