Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Good morning! How was the weekend? It was extra long for us, Bret had Friday off, which is always a nice bonus. I don't even remember what we did with that bonus day.  Saturday was a day to sew with the Debbies and it was a blast. Didn't sew on my cute little applique project at all, but worked on stitching my rows together on my Back to School Quilt. I think it's in three chunks right now, so maybe in another hour or so I can have the center done, then time to pick borders. I had fun, so I'm satisfied with what I got done.

One morning it was time for coffee on the swing, and I had some fantastic reading material.  Remember the Pink Book? I've talked about it before, as so many other people have, it's like happiness in book form. Japanese Craft book form that is. Well I found the next book by the same author (or at least I believe so) and it's really good. Is it as good as The Pink Book? Probably almost. I found mine here . Still looking for The Pink Book? Check it out, I found one here. Are Japanese craft books still popular? I don't see them on blogs as much as I used to, which might be better on my budget but I miss them a bit. 
Also a friend of mine made something fantastic and she's put a tutorial up for it.  You can check it out here.  Seriously, go take a peek.  It's on my list of things to make, maybe even this week. If I can get it together. 
I was totally grateful for the fantastic weather we had. Not prime beginning of summer weather like most people want, but cool-breezy-bit-of-rain weather that was delicious.  It will be turning into some 90 degree weather at the end of the week so I'll be living it up for sure until then. 
Ok everybody, have a great week! xo


Blogger Melissa P said...

That tutorial project is adorable!

It's back to the usual routines here as well.

7:06 AM  
Blogger Sasha said...

I love Japanese craft books and fabric, but they sure are hard on the wallet!! I haven't bought either in a long time. The two books you linked looked absolutely adorable!! The quilt on the cover of the second one *drool*.
I love the tea cosy tutorial!!! Adorable =D

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Carol Mercer said...

I read your blog and loved the way you showed how you tackled your tea cosy. I was born under the British Flag so it appeals to me. Liked your photos. Thanks. I have a friend in Temecula is that near you?

7:08 AM  

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