Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Winners!

Good morning peeps! How has the week been going? The usual around here. Well not quite the usual, its not every week you're in a magazine. But aside from that, regular stuff. The weather is messing with me, pretending it's spring when its not. Not yet anyway.
But you're waiting for the winner's right? Well I used the random generator and ended up with Jen in NY who says "Hi Pam! I'm sitting here with the kiddos looking at your pictures of Binnie. My son would love for me to make him the honey bears quilt--please enter me in your drawing!! Thanks!! Jen" (good thing Binnie didn't pick the winners, I'd say this was rigged!) and Cathy who says " have heard that the 4 in 1 tool is really useful. Enter me in the drawing please.I don't mind the word verification. The "words" are so curious."
So Jen and Cathy, please email me your mailing information!
Since today I have no fun pictures to share, I'm going to send you over to The Quilt Show to watch a great beginning free motion machine quilting video by Patsy Thompson. I first heard about Patsy from Amy's blog, I love Amy's quilting, and just about everything else she does. So watch and enjoy.


Blogger strawberrycream39 said...

OH YAAY! I'm so excited, I love that pattern! Can I tell you that I have *never* won a blog contest before! Woo hoo! I'll email you my addy, and Thanks a bunch!!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Erika Mulvenna said...

Congrats on getting published, that's awesome! And congrats to Jen in MY - have fun with that pattern.

My week has been crazy crazy, and I'm trying to get everything ready here for a crafting party tomorrow. Can't wait!

8:55 AM  

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